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Edmonton Alarm System and Monitoring

Protect Your Business and Bottom Line with Alarm Monitoring in Edmonton

Safeguard against vulnerabilities and threats with a premier alarm company in Edmonton.

Why choose Logixx Security for alarm monitoring in Edmonton?

Learn your business vulnerabilities with a security audit that identifies threats and helps you plan ahead.

Rest easy with a managed security system operated by experienced security personnel. 

Reduce risk with 24/7 support and monitoring from security experts, with 2,500 field professionals in Canada.

Deter thieves with CCTV and video surveillance supported by personnel with years of experience.

Fend off threats and improve visibility when you choose seamless security system integration.

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Discover Why Logixx Security Stands Out from Other Alarm Companies in Edmonton

Logixx Security

Alarm Monitoring in Edmonton

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Learn About the Premier Alarm Systems Provider in Edmonton

Streamline Your Approach to Security

Keeping up security with multiple vendors can get complicated, costing too much and leaving potential vulnerabilities.

We keep security simple: We offer single-vendor, end-to-end support with 24/7 monitoring and experienced security personnel. A comprehensive security audit also highlights business vulnerabilities.

When you work with Logixx, your business is kept safe and secure with:

  • Emergency planning
  • Access control 
  • Loss prevention
  • IT integration
  • Virtual Guard
  • And more

Streamline your security when you choose Logixx, one of the top alarm companies in Edmonton.

Protect Your Business with CCTV

Combining monitoring and an alarm system in Edmonton protects your business from physical threats. High-quality CCTV footage alerts security to potential dangers, day or night. 

Keep peace of mind knowing attentive security experts monitor your facilities, personnel, and products around the clock. Your CCTV system also drastically reduces risk, deterring would-be burglars.

Professional installation by an alarm company in Edmonton guarantees flawless performance and eliminates costly installation errors.

Defend Your Business with Integrated Security IT

Reduce visibility gaps and risk with integrated security IT. Multi-site security programs are built custom for each location, and you’ll have easy access to information from one central source.

We integrated security IT solutions with your daily operations to guarantee seamless monitoring and protection. We also factor in your business operations and personnel into security recommendations.

Virtual Guard Protects with Routine Checks

Security personnel monitoring cameras remotely tune into threats before they escalate. Routine and on-demand checks keep your facilities and personnel safe.

If your Virtual Guard catches a threat, protocols safeguard your business by contacting law enforcement or deploying mobile response. The Chief Security Officer can also be notified of the threat, depending on severity and your vendor agreement.

Multilevel Support with Edmonton Alarm Systems and Access Control 

Access control limits who access your facilities and when. Pair it with an alarm company in Edmonton, and you’ve got a surefire business security solution.

With access control, establish restricted zones, personnel permissions, and manage keys. Keep track of who’s entering and leaving, and keep trespassers out.

Identify Vulnerabilities with a Security Audit

With your business’s unique needs, you require a tailor-made security solution that focuses on great service

With a managed services approach to security, we offer clients like you a 360-degree security audit to identify business vulnerabilities. Our advice centers around your needs and costs, and your plan gives you the protection you need—not extra services you don’t.

Collaborate with Leading Security Consultants

Avoid the confusion of choosing security systems with the help of industry-leading consultants. When you work with Logixx, your security plan is supported by 2,500-plus in-field personnel across Canada.

After your security audit, your consultant recommends necessary premier technology that guarantees safety and facility protection. 

Security consultants help ensure your business is compliant with national security standards, ULC fire ratings, and other must-haves for operations.

Round-the-Clock Monitoring Safeguards Business

Security cameras are one part of protecting your business, and 24/7 monitoring puts those cameras to good use keeping threats away. Real-time monitoring reduces risk, even when you’re not on the clock.

Monitoring and security are coordinated through Logixx’s Central Security Monitoring Facility. Routine monitoring further mitigates risk.

Prevent Theft and Vandalism with Top-Tier Alarm Systems in Edmonton


The best tech and experienced security professionals defend your business.

Why Businesses Choose Logixx’s Alarm Monitoring in Edmonton


Years in business providing leading security services


Minute response time to calls


Monitoring and response protecting businesses across Canada

Alarm System and Monitoring Edmonton

Alarm Systems Paired with Mobile Patrols Means Responsive Security

Reviews for Edmonton alarm companies talk about monitoring and support, but reliable security requires more than that: You need knowledgeable security professionals.

Pair alarm systems with mobile patrols, and help is on the way as soon as a threat emerges. Mobile response units quickly get on-site, equipped with tactical and arrest training. 

Multi-site businesses and small ventures are protected by the same expertise and resources.

Stop Threats with 24/7/365 Monitoring and Support

Threats don’t wait until you’re on the clock, and your security vendor shouldn’t either. 24/7/365 monitoring safeguards facilities, personnel, and goods. 

Security means more than the occasional drive-by check-in: Security requires integrated technology and your vendor’s attention to detail and highly responsive teams.

Logixx responds to your business’s needs in real time with:

  • Access control monitoring
  • Virtual Guard
  • Alarm services
  • CCTV and video surveillance 
  • And many other forms of defense
Edmonton Alarm System and Monitoring

Certified and Expertly Trained Operatives

Don’t work with substandard security service providers.

Instead, work with a team you know you can rely on when paired with our experienced security operatives.

They have the abilities and knowledge needed to identify and prevent threats before they can impact your business.

Alarm Monitoring in Edmonton

Custom-Made Security Plans Deliver the Protection You Need

When you work with Logixx in Edmonton, alarm systems may be your security consultant’s first recommendation. The alarm systems you need are different from your neighbor’s, and that’s our approach to business—there is no one-size-fits-all in security.

We make suggestions for vulnerability fixes based on:

  • Security audit results
  • Your preferences and budget
  • Your industry
  • And other factors.

Work with an alarm company in Edmonton that fills knowledge and support gaps with dependable security staff.

Reduce risk to facilities and employees, and eliminate safety vulnerabilities with Edmonton alarm systems

Focus on your business knowing that everything is secured by the premier alarm company in Edmonton

Defend your occupation with 24/7 monitoring. Professional customer service and safeguarding solutions are just a phone call away.

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