Here’s What to Know About the Top 10 Card Access System Benefits

Here’s What to Know About the Top 10 Card Access System Benefits

Access card systems are a powerful solution that significantly increase the security of your facility, and are a key component in controlling the flow of traffic. They’re an excellent way to control who has access to what doors—and that’s just one of the leading benefits of card access control systems.

More than ever before, business and facility owners are turning to advanced security solutions to protect their assets, data, and personnel. The card access control market is set to hit $3.2 Billion by 2027, speaking to an ongoing increase in investment in security across industries.

Card access control systems (also known as CACS) use encoded cards to grant entrees (like employees and cleaning staff) access to specific areas in your business, providing an easily manageable security option.

Before we get into the top access card system advantages, here are just a few of the reasons why a card access system is important. With one, you can:

  • Protect your employees and property
  • Grant or deny access as you need—from new staff to letting go of old employees
  • Keep tabs on employee movement

In this blog, we’ll explore the top benefits of card access control systems and why more business owners are incorporating this smart solution into their business security strategy.

The Top 10 Card Access System Advantages

1. Enhanced Security

With a CACS, you maintain strict regulation of entry and exit points in your business. By requiring card access, you also deter potential unauthorized personnel, ensuring only designated individuals can enter certain areas. You reduce the risk of theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access, making your business safer, starting at every entryway.

Tip: One of the best ways to keep your card access system’s security in its best shape is to do an audit of how many cards you’ve issued vs. how many employees you have. Numbers don’t match? Maybe it’s time to timeout some old cards.

2. Scalability

Another of the advantages of a key card access control system is in its scalability, based on the number of users you can add. Card key access systems can accommodate more users without significant investment in physical infrastructure.

Your administrations can quickly add, modify, or restrict access as you recruit new staff or former staff move on to new opportunities. Scalability also extends beyond one physical location: You can encompass multiple locations, integrating them into a unified security network.

3. Cost-Effective

With a key card system, you eliminate the need for traditional lock-and-key security. Over time, you’ve likely noticed the costs associated with lost keys, lock replacements, and potential break-ins accumulating.

By investing in card access control, you save your business from these potential expenses. (Plus save on the wear and tear of your building.)

When considering the benefits of key card systems and you’re looking at costs, there are a few factors that can influence the final total you’re likely to pay:

  • The type of access control system you choose
  • System complexity
  • The size of your business
  • The level of security

4. Efficient Tracking and Reporting

With this system’s comprehensive tracking features, it’s incredibly easy for you to record which card accessed which area and at what time. These records can be crucial for investigations and can provide valuable insights about your team’s movement patterns.

With this information, it’s also easier for you to keep track of employee attendance. Badge scans are a great option for attendance reports. But if your business is dealing with particularly sensitive information, biometric authentication (such as fingerprint scanning and facial recognition) can provide a more secure option.

5. Improved Staff Accountability

When you tie access to specific areas with individual cards, it’s easier to keep track of movement patterns (and employee attendance, like we’ve already mentioned). Building on this benefit, though, you’ll also find that employees are less likely to engage in illicit activities (or activities that could endanger your business) knowing their access card is traceable to them.

Tip: Worried about employees sharing their ID badges? Establish a clear use policy, and consider adding two factor authentication (2FA) such as biometrics to keep your records accurate and guarantee employees aren’t accessing areas they shouldn’t.

6. Easy Integration

Most card access control systems are compatible with other security systems, including CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and fire safety systems. With these integration options, it’s easier to  further enhance your security coverage, helping you build a more comprehensive, robust security infrastructure.

7. Convenience

Another of the benefits of access control systems is in how easy it is to carry and use cards, vs. the weight of traditional keys. Employees simply swipe or tap their cards to gain access, which can be quicker and more convenient than using keys. Plus, there’s less risk of losing an access card compared to a small key.

It’s also incredibly easy for you to update access by issuing new cards or timing out old ones, in case old cards are lost or an employee leaves the company.

8. Flexible Access Control

Thanks to flexible access control, you can implement custom access permissions. For instance, it’s very simple for you to set up a system where certain cards only grant access during specific hours or days, perfect for part-time employees or cleaning staff.

The same card can also be used for multiple buildings and enters and exits, since each key card is tied to a unique credential.

9. Reduces Risk of Duplication

Customary keys can be easily copied, leading to potential security vulnerabilities. In contrast, you run a lower risk of employees knowing how to duplicate access cards—doing so requires a certain level of technical equipment and knowledge. Thankfully, these barriers to entry make it much more difficult for potential intruders to gain unauthorized access.

Advantages of a Card Access Control System

10. Emergency Response

In emergency situations, a card access control system can be programmed to unlock all doors, allowing for swift evacuation. This safety feature is paramount, ensuring your employees’ safety during critical situations.

You also have access to real-time location data, identifying where cardholders are in the building, aiding in ensuring everyone’s safety. Conversely, in a lockdown scenario, you can immediately secure all access points.

As the ultimate benefit of a card access control system, you’re also able to integrate your system with fire alarm or other safety systems, allowing for automatic responses.

Tap Into the Advantages of a Card Access Control System With Logixx Security

Simple door locking systems are no longer enough for business security—you need a way to keep tabs on employee movement and potential risks. Planning and implementation has never been easier, thanks to experienced security firms like Logixx.

With boots-on-the-ground experience with a number of different business types, we take pride in helping businesses implement best-fit security options. We start with an assessment of your location, factoring in what you want from your security, and provide tailored recommendations. You never need to worry about installation, either—we take care of everything.

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