Cloud Based Video Surveillance Benefits

Cloud Based Video Surveillance Benefits

When it comes to commercial building security efforts, installing an around-the-clock video surveillance system is best practice. It deters, stops, and audits security breaches and gives law-enforcement a strong resource for their investigation work.

However, though video surveillance itself will never go away, it would be wrong to believe that it will not change in line with the flow of wider technology and industry changes.

One of those changes is the acceptance of cloud technology to drive business operations and, increasingly, government and healthcare activities.

As a disruptor, it’s to be expected that the cloud would shape the commercial security space, especially visual monitoring through the availability of cloud-based video surveillance. In this post we provide an overview of the benefits of cloud-based video surveillance systems.

Reduce the Cost of Maintaining Your Video Data

One of the main reasons for switching from on-premise to the cloud is to free your business from the sunk and increasingly expensive cost of maintaining server hardware.

Instead, you could get all of your data hosting needs through a simple flat-rate fee without worrying about maintenance, security, and system expansion/upgrade costs.

You can extend that benefit to your video data as well, i.e., switch to the cloud and lower the cost of maintaining terabytes of video recordings.

Never Lose Your Archives

benefits cloud video surveillanceThe major cloud providers (e.g., Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc) maintain multiple data centers, and that too across different regions of the world. If a disaster were to hit one, you could still get backups of your video data through the other data centers.

With on-premise hosting (or a private data center), you are basically putting all of your eggs (or video data) in one location. If this location gets compromised due to a breach or natural disaster, it could place your entire archive in jeopardy.

Integrate With New Technologies – Take Advantage of Cloud Based Video Surveillance

The cloud is also home to a growing number of new technologies. In terms of video surveillance systems, you can leverage the cloud to integrate your system with video analytics (which draws on artificial intelligence and big data).

With video analytics, you can ‘train’ your video surveillance system to track the movement of people, license plate numbers, abnormally high activity in otherwise quiet areas (or periods of the day) to make your security efforts more effective.

In any case, adopting the cloud for security is still a major step. Yes, the benefits are clear, but to ensure that you leverage them, you should start by speaking to a professional security firm.