IP CCTV Remote Business Monitoring Benefits

IP CCTV Remote Business Monitoring Benefits

Businesses across the globe have gone digital, embracing the Internet, cloud computing, and extensive mobility. Now, it is time for their CCTV systems to join the technology revolution with the ability to remotely view footage via Internet or Smart Phone.

Footage captured via CCTV is no longer tied to analog reels of tape, instead transitioning over to a digital storage format. Now, users can take full advantage of that format through remote access, as well as various cloud solutions, enabling them to monitor their businesses from anywhere around the world, all with just the click of a button. 

Even in areas of relatively low crime rates, it is important to maintain a security presence, particularly in high-risk industries like medical marijuana. Canada reports having almost 2.1 million crimes committed nationwide in 2013, including 23, 213 robberies, 156,357 instances of breaking and entering, and nearly 500,000 reported thefts.

Remote IP CCTV is an efficient and effective tool for Property Managers.  They can remotely view all sites in one “space”.  Property Managers can monitor for example snow removal of their retail or industrial plazas, monitor illegal dumping and deter crime. All such activities can impact tenants and in doing so the bottom line of a Property Managers’ budget. 

Benefits of Remote Viewing Setup Via IP CCTV

A CCTV system that provides remote monitoring  allows you to maintain a presence even when you are not on site. Whether you are a small business owner who wants peace of mind whenever you travel, or you manage security operations for a global enterprise and need access to video systems in multiple cities, Logixx has experience with effective systems that can work for you.

The Components of Remote Internet Viewing 

The ability to have a remote Internet viewing system requires the following consideration:

  • The type of Video Management System – I.P. vs Analog
  • The speed and availability of your access to the Internet via your network
  • The medium upon which you will be viewing/managing video i.e. LAN/WAN, PC, Smartphone, or Tablet

These components must be considered to ensure a comprehensive remote Internet viewing setup that covers  your business’ security needs. 

Problems With Remote Connectivity

Remotely accessing these systems can be frustrating. Generally, you need a network portal into your Internet connection, and most of those connections do not permit 2-way communication. This means you can view your system, but not control it.

Potential Solutions

Remote Viewing Setup Via IP CCTV

One solution we at Logixx have implemented with several clients is the Honeywell MaxPro Cloud System. This is a DVR appliance that permits clients to connect to the device via the Internet, or using a smartphone or tablet. From there, they can manage the CCTV system and security system.

This device works by pointing the DVR to a web portal that is managed by Honeywell, which is one of the premier names in the security industry today. Through their reliable system, users can access their systems from anywhere in the world, as it creates a pathway for users who are outside of the systems’ network, enabling them to access the Honeywell portal. 

Another advantage to this system is that it is capable of accommodating digital cameras, as well as analog cameras, which can be useful for companies who are gradually phasing in newer technology as resources and budgets permit. 

Particularly with larger companies, a full upgrade can be time-consuming and expensive, so having a component that allows for both analog and digital cameras is ideal as a transitional point.

Similar solutions exist for managing remote access to card access systems, letting users make adjustments and handle access issues regardless of where they are. This is particularly ideal for larger corporations, who may have centralized management of their access control systems but many different locations to manage.


The Benefits of Remote Viewing Setup Via IP CCTV

Do you have any of these video systems in your business? If not, which system do you use? Does it currently meet all of your video and security needs? Which functions are the most important to you? We want to learn more, so that we can serve our local business community effectively.

The video surveillance game is changing, and mobile, remote access is a highly desirable solution for businesses, governments, and people who manage public spaces. 

This is particularly true in high volume areas across the globe – from Manhattan, where there are 4,000 public cameras alone, to London, where there are over 500,000 surveillance cameras. 

Whether your needs are big or small, you need a way to manage your own video solutions in a way that is convenient and beneficial to you.

Logixx has many different options when it comes to designing the right CCTV options for your business, including modern remote Internet access, so that you can see your business whenever you want, from wherever it is you want to be.