7 Ways to Use a Card Access System

7 Ways to Use a Card Access System

Key card access systems are growing in popularity among entrepreneurs, business owners, and facility managers. They are one of the most effective security system types available, serving as the first line of defence against intruders while swiftly allowing entry for users with the appropriate credentials.

Most business owners recognize the need to protect their organization with an effective security system. Commercial key card access control offers that peace of mind, keeping their business protected from unwanted visitors while also delegating credentials among employees to safeguard all areas of their facility.

For larger businesses with complex buildings or multiple sites, access control privileges can be vast. Most access control systems have a range of credentialing options, and security trends are seeing systems evolve toward having an even wider selection of privileges.

Rules such as time of day, the day of the week, or specific areas of the facility can be programmed into each employee’s access identity to ensure your business is protected from all possible security threats.

Furthermore, integrating an access control solution with video surveillance lets security officials link access control events with corresponding video footage. Incorporating a key card access control system helps track movement and access along with painting a more comprehensive picture of the sequence of events in case of criminal activity.

Below are some ways you can protect your business with key card access controls:


access control solutionSecurity starts at your facility’s entrances. Having a key card access control system can help ensure only those with qualified permissions can enter. Whether your business has set hours of operation or needs to be accessible 24 hours a day, a robust card access system will ensure your business remains safe and secure.

Receiving/Loading Bays

Facilities with loading or receiving bays see a steady stream of goods moving into and out of the building. They also make an attractive access point target for intruders. With key card access controls, you can easily manage door openings and closings, ensuring the safety of personnel while protecting valuables from theft.

Parking Lots

access card systemManaging access to your parking lot with key card access controls allows facility managers and business owners to restrict permission to authorized staff or tenants. In addition to enforcing paid parking, card access systems offer an added layer of safety for employees who work outside of regular business hours.


Elevators can be another easy access point. Whether it’s to limit employee permissions or to manage hotel guest floor access, key card access controls on elevators can boost your business’ security while your guests and or employees are kept safe.

Server Rooms

Businesses rely on their servers to be able to function. Compromised server rooms can have catastrophic consequences, from a loss of computing ability to devastating and costly data loss. The effectiveness of your server room access system can mean the difference between business profitability and bankruptcy.

Hotel Key Cards

Key card access systems are also prominently used in the hospitality industry. Aside from offering robust security, the latest hotel card technology offers opportunities for personalization and targeted marketing.

These systems track guest movement throughout the property, tracking patterns, preferences, and use of amenities. This information can be used to target these guests with personalized marketing.

Card access systems also help streamline hotel maintenance and work order fulfillment while keeping track of employees’ work activities.

Payment Card Integration

key card access systemsA new technology trend involves integrating access control with payment capability, letting an employee’s security badge double as a payment card. Not only does this card contain assigned security credentials, it can also access an employee account which can be used to pay for onsite services such as cafeteria purchases.

When setting up a key card access control system for your business, it’s important to partner with a security system provider that considers your specific industry and needs to keep your business and your employees safe.

At Logixx, our team has decades of experience in security management for a range of brands and businesses. We have unparalleled expertise in new and emerging security technology. Learn more about our services or give us a call to find out more about how we can help meet your access control needs.

Learn more about our services or give us a call to find out more about how we can help meet your access control needs.