The Importance of Choosing the Best Security System

The Importance of Choosing the Best Security System

When you’re running a business, you need to take all necessary actions and initiatives to ensure your business is secure. From the modern sophisticated hackers to your average breaking and entering, making sure your business is equipped with a comprehensive and effective security system is key to ensuring your business stays on the track to success. 

Business security can be a complex issue that relies heavily on the parts of the security system’s ability to communicate with each other. Having siloed security systems in place can leave a lot of room for error and are not enough to provide comprehensive security across the many aspects of your business. 

White-collar crime hits more than a third of Canadian business and organizations and 61 percent of those crimes are perpetrated by someone inside the organization. Now more than ever, it’s important to keep your business safe and secure so you can have peace of mind and  focus on the other aspects of your business. 

How to Choose a Business Security System

1. Evaluate Your Space

The type of space your business occupies will likely have a significant impact on the type of security system you choose. For instance, if you rent a space, you might need a system that interferes minimally with the walls and structures of your building.

If you have an open office space, you might need less cameras than you would if you have a business with many individual offices. Also consider areas that may need extra access control, such as a data center or supply closets. 

2. Consider Business Growth

While evaluating your current space is important, you should also think about your business goals as you make a decision about your business security system. If you plan on growing significantly or moving to a different location in the relatively near future, that could influence which security system you consider.

If working with a contractor, it’s important to make sure you have the option to add on, move, or change your plan so that it scales with your business growth. 

Choosing the Right Security System for Your Business

3. Think About All Possible Culprits

Unfortunately, there are many people to consider possible threats to the security of your business. Review the area where your business is located. If it has a higher rate of breaking and entering, it might require extra entrance security.

If your business is responsible for large amounts of data, cyber security might be something to consider. Even protecting yourself from your employees is important—in the U.S. alone, $50 million is stolen annually from business by employees.

4. Choose the Right Features for Your Business

Tips on Choosing the Right Security System

Business security is complex and there are many different features to choose from, depending on the needs of your business. Do you need cameras that have the ability to move around to monitor large spaces or do you prefer some that are disguised or discrete?

Maybe you’d like some additional sensors for smoke, flooding, and carbon monoxide. Perhaps you’d like to monitor movement through facility access control technology. Consider all the features you think would be best to keep your business safe and choose a system that meets all of those needs.

There are many things to consider when choosing the best security system for your business but there’s one way to ensure you make the right choice: partnering with the right business security integrator. 

Companies that provide security system integration work with your business’ stakeholders and security/IT personnel to link and integrate your various security systems. This is a growing trend with businesses across industries to ensure a safer, more efficient working environment. 

Partnering with a security system integrator can yield many benefits for your company. But it’s important to partner with the right provider that will provide the best solution for your particular organization. Below are some things to look for in a security system integrator: 

    • Reputation It’s important that the security system integrator you partner with is reputable so make sure the business can provide referrals from customers that are satisfied with their services. 
    • Experience – Experience is key to ensuring the installation and management of your security system runs smoothly. Make sure the security system integrator you partner with has experience with security systems equivalent to the one your business requires. 
    • Ongoing Support – Be sure the company you’re choosing to partner with has the experience and willingness to provide maintenance and support for your system. Investigate how comprehensive those support services are as well.
    • Certifications – It’s essential to check that the security business you partner with and their systems are aptly certified. The certification of alarm systems is a way to provide a connection of confidence between the property owners, service providers, insurance companies and other stakeholders.

A ULC certification is especially crucial to have. This national industrial security system certificate includes installation, testing, service, and maintenance of alarm systems.

Choose the Right Security System for Your Business

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