An Overview of Commercial and Business Security Systems

An Overview of Commercial and Business Security Systems

Be it an office, a final assembly plant, a laboratory, or a warehouse, the typical commercial and business security system consists of multiple systems. In this post, we provide an overview of each security system and its purpose in protecting commercial assets.

Access Control Systems

The purpose of an access control system is to restrict access to specific areas of the facility to only authorized persons. For example, in a retail environment, you would prevent unauthorized staff and people (e.g., shoppers) from accessing the back stockroom.

You implement access controls through key card, key code, or biometric door access systems (e.g., fingerprint and retinal/eye-scanners). Besides installing systems, you must also have an actual process to ensure it works. For example, if an employee leaves the company, you must have a system to immediately revoke their access. 

Video Surveillance Systems

Your video surveillance system serves multiple functions. 

  • It helps deter illicit activity with presence, i.e., people know they’re being watched.
  • It lets you audit the situation following an incident.
  • It offers a way to identify suspects or culprits. 
  • It helps law-enforcement investigate incidents.

In some industries, you are required to have a video surveillance system in place. For example, multiple data compliance standards, require data centers to guarantee physical security through around-the-clock visual monitoring. Likewise, marijuana stores in Canada must also have video surveillance in place in specific areas, such as the marijuana storage space and others. 

Alarm Monitoring Systems

Commercial and Business Security Systems

Your alarm monitoring system helps to secure your facility in off-times, such as when your store is closed at night or during holidays. However, it will even help when you do have people present, especially in large facilities (such as a sprawling assembly plant).

The system works by monitoring doors, windows, and other potential entry points for tampering and suspicious activity. For example, if someone attempts to break-in by damaging the lock, the alarm system will go off; this will alert you as well as law enforcement, and result in a response. 

RFID Monitoring Systems 

In some scenarios, such as logistics, you will want to monitor sensitive goods while they are in transit. You can do that using RFID (radio-frequency identification)-based tags and labels. Not only do these tags help with auditing inventory, but they can also deter theft by making it more difficult for perpetrators to get away with stealing or pilfering. 

Overall, there are many security systems available on the market. However, to select the ones that will close your vulnerabilities and deter the threats you face, you should get a professional security company to audit your situation and advise on solutions.

Overview of Commercial and Business Security Systems

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