What You Need to Know About the Costs of Security Guard Hire

What You Need to Know About the Costs of Security Guard Hire

If you own a business, you likely need to hire a security guard—their services are critical for theft prevention, personal security, and many other protective measures. 

And with security services in high demand—with the total market for said services expected to reach $8.6 billion by the end of 2022—you certainly aren’t the only one looking for ways to protect your business. 

Here’s what you need to know if you’re in the market for security services today, and want to find out how much they cost.

How to Hire a Security Guard

When you’re looking to improve your business security, you should know that security guard hires shouldn’t be your responsibility. A small- to medium-sized business (SMB) isn’t going to have a security department handling their own hiring, and many large companies still choose to outsource for convenience and more reliable results.

Instead, when you hire security guards, you’ll be working with a security services company. They’ll have their own vetted team of security personnel to assign for the specific services you need.

This means that you aren’t making hiring decisions based on individuals, but rather, you’ll be entrusting your security hiring to a professional security guard services company with its own vetting process. 

There are a few key criteria to consider when you’re looking for a security company to hire guards, including asking questions like:

  • Is the company in good standing?
  • Does the company do background checks as part of the hiring process?
  • How does the company train its guards?

Of course, you want a company with a reputation for quality services and honest dealing. You can find out more about any given company from online reviews or by asking other businesses in your community for referrals.

You’ll also want to choose a company that provides highly trained guards. Your company should offer above-and-beyond training for its guards, like tactical security and arrest engagement, with years of experience, and other incident de-escalation skills.


Security Guard Hires for Different Services

Another key area to consider when dealing with security guard services is the wide range of different services that they should offer. Some of these include:

  • Security for special events and facilities
  • Undercover and loss prevention
  • Integrated security solutions with guards supported by remote monitoring

There’s also a difference in the specific types of services you’ll need when hiring a security guard for different industries. The needs of a commercial office can be very different from those at a healthcare facility or a bank. Many high-risk industries could require more specialized training and may, therefore, face higher costs.

Security companies provide many services that fall under the definition of “security.” Some examples include:

  • Close protection, minimizing risk to high-profile individuals
  • Concierge security that blends in with your business
  • Security for one-off events and to manage crowds

With such a wide range of services, the level of training, experience, and special skills you need from security guards will also vary.

How Security Personnel Fit Into Your Workplace

Making the decision to work with security officers through a security company can be a challenge for some business owners. Working with outside contractors is often perceived as a potential risk, but security personnel can fit into your workplace seamlessly.



Your management team can work with the company to determine how security guards will fit into your workplace. This could include having uniformed guards to ensure that everyone is aware of a security presence, or discrete concierge guards that blend in and can even carry out some customer service functions like directing visitors. 

How Much it Costs to Hire Security Guards

The cost your business pays to hire trained security guards will vary depending on a number of key factors. Of course, whether you need full-time or part-time security will be among the most significant. In general, your security costs will be broken down into hourly costs.

The cost for guard jobs will depend on your business’s needs but, in most cases, will range between $35 to $50 per guard, per hour. For more advanced services and high-risk situations, you could pay up to $100 per hour to hire a security guard.

Depending on your needs, you may require particularly experienced security or specific skills for high-risk situations. This can increase your cost because these highly skilled and experienced individuals’ services come at a premium.

The specific security services you require will also affect the cost that you pay to hire a security guard. For instance, security escort services will cost more per hour than interior patrols in most situations. The additional use of vehicles for escorts or mobile patrols will also add to the bill.

Why Should We Hire Your Security Guards?

The number of security guards you need is another key factor. Depending on your individual needs, and the size or nature of the area you need protection for, you may require multiple guards. This is also true if you require 24/7 security, as multiple shifts will cover the space.

Armed Security vs. Unarmed Security

There are many security applications that don’t require armed guards. In most commercial settings, the primary benefit of having an unarmed security guard is deterrence. When potential thieves or vandals are aware of security on the premises, they simply move somewhere else.

Banks and other organizations that are prime targets for high-profile crimes likely need additional security, however. Armed security is capable of deterring thieves in these high-risk industries.

An armed security guard needs the proper licensing to carry a firearm. They’ll also have additional training in their specific role. Both of these factors mean that armed security guards will cost more.

There is also the cost of insurance, which is higher for armed security guards. Security companies must pay higher premiums in these high-risk arrangements, which ultimately increases the cost of the service.

In terms of security-supporting measures, you might need additional services like alarm and emergency response or monitoring. This means that all of your required services would likely form a package agreement that can deliver more value for the price you pay.

Why Should We Hire Your Security Guards?

Depending on the specific role, requirements, and province, you need to ensure that you’re working with licensed security guards. You always want to be sure that you’re getting guards with the necessary experience to handle your needs.

A good security company does far more than just carry out background checks on its employees. For example, Logixx Security trains all of our security guards in risk minimization, professionalism, and the special skills necessary to meet your unique security needs.

Peace of Mind With Security Guard Services From Logixx

Logixx Security is a full-service security company that can provide for all of your security guard needs, along with specialized and integrated security solutions. We have regional offices across Canada and are trusted by over 500 businesses for their security.

If you need security personnel for any purpose, reach out to Logixx today for a specialized solution. 

Our highly trained security professionals provide services ranging from loss prevention to close protection and everything in between.