Why Is Security Important in the Workplace?

Why Is Security Important in the Workplace?

Security in the workplace is essential for companies that are hoping to gain the trust of both current and future employees. 

You can maintain the health and safety of your employees by integrating secure systems and processes to your workplace/building.

It is not only good business sense to install security systems, such as access control systems (among others), but a requirement for regulatory and liability purposes

While the initial costs of implementing strong security may seem overwhelming, taking this step will cut insurance, liabilities, and other expenses long-term. Improving security in the workplace can also increase business revenue as a result of cutting these costs.

Business Importance of Safety and Security in the Workplace

Protect Your Staff — Your Best Assets 

Your employees are your greatest assets because, without their hard work and dedication, your company’s working environment will fail to thrive and progress. 

Having a strong security system — including both physical security and network security — will discourage absenteeism, make employees feel safe, and boost productivity. 

You will also gain the respect of your employees when you provide them with the protection they need and deserve.

Maintain High Productivity

The Importance of Workplace Security

Security issues involving a lack of ID cards, malfunctions in access control, or data corruption can cause significant operational disruptions. 

Access control provides building security by using code-based locks to prevent outsiders from moving through your facility without being invited. ID cards allow your employees to enter the building or secured areas within the building during specific hours or times of the day.  

Without access control, security issues can arise in the office, and distractions can occur among office staff. To maintain productivity, you must make security management a top priority.

Shield Yourself from Certain Costs 

While your employees are your most valuable assets, your company likely has other material assets that need protection. Another key importance of security in the workplace is to protect your assets from potential theft and damage. 

Video surveillance, access control, and alarm system monitoring services can prevent you from getting hit with liability insurance claims

How to Implement Physical Security in the Workplace

1. Install a Video Surveillance System

How Important is Workplace Security?

Security professionals can install a video surveillance system for 24/7 visual monitoring that will help employees feel safe and protect the company from potential threats. 

This surveillance system will monitor all movement during work hours as well as during nights, weekends, and holidays. If anyone attempts to breach the building, the camera will see them.

These cameras also increase security awareness and prevent would-be criminals from acting because they’ll see the cameras and know they have been seen.

2. Implement Access Control for Employees

By implementing access control for employees and providing personalized access control cards, companies can restrict building access to employees during specific work hours. 

You can also restrict access to secure areas within the office, such as labs and server rooms, to authorized personnel only.

You can achieve this by assigning smart cards to vetted team members. With an access control system, you can assign each employee a unique card (or key code). You can also use emerging technology, such as biometric systems, to tie access to the employee’s fingerprints or retina. 

Should an employee leave, you can also revoke their access by deleting their card number, key code, or authentication profile. 

3. Use Alarm System Monitoring Services

Business Importance of Security in the Workplace

A key part of workplace safety is having a managed alarm system in place that lets you and your staff know of strange activity in the building right away. 

You should integrate your alarm systems to doors, windows, and other entry points. Should someone tamper or break-in through those entry points, the alarm system will alert your on-site security team of the situation. With managed services, your provider will also notify you directly about the incident, and give you the option to call law-enforcement for support. 

Keeping your business safe by increasing security both inside and outside the building will provide many benefits to your employees and the company as a whole. 

Employees will feel happier coming to work knowing they are safe. You will also have peace of mind knowing that you’ve protected your assets and data from potential theft or damage.

Workplace Security That Doesn’t Get in the Way of Workflows

Having a top-of-the-line security system can also increase your brand value and help you win and retain customers. To ensure your security is installed and managed correctly, you will need the help of an experienced security company. 

Our security professionals at Logixx have over 45 years of experience with access control systems. We understand the importance of security, and we can help you protect your business. Contact us today to get started.