Strike the Perfect Balance With New Technology in Legacy Systems

Strike the Perfect Balance With New Technology in Legacy Systems

The security of your business is no joke. That’s why it’s important to revisit the technology and network security systems that make it all possible and evaluate how well they are working for you.

At some point, every business owner needs to upgrade their security system in order to stay on top of the game with the latest technology. In 2015, 63% of security professionals felt more pressure to secure their organizations.

One of the ways to do so is to avoid falling behind or using outdated control systems that are difficult to maneuver or are simply too outdated for your tech-savvy employees; it’s key to balance the old with the new.

Outdated technology or platforms in security systems for business usually only survive because of the risk or cost associated with replacing them. However, in order to ensure that your security systems aren’t obsolete, it’s important to update your technology.

It’s not only important to update your technology, but to also ensure that older equipment can handle the updates and or upgrades you’re trying to make. For example, updating systems might mean you have to upgrade your cabling, control boards and or data devices.

While technological updates are predominantly beneficial for your business and it’s overall security, certain legacy systems make it difficult to move forward. On this list are proprietary systems; systems where manufacturers restrict compatibility with other hardware and software, making it difficult to switch systems or upgrade to different technology.

This means that in the world of technology systems it can be difficult to update third-party systems such as video, intercom, CCTV and intrusion detection. Legacy operating systems and proprietary systems may still have a place in security systems and networks but it’s important to make sure that your security requirements are being met to protect your business.

How New Technology Changed Legacy Systems? The Change in Proprietary Systems

Strike the Perfect Balance Between Legacy Systems and Technological UpdatesWhile security experts believe that IP security systems will replace legacy installations after their decade long life cycle, this does not mean that you don’t make the most of your existing legacy systems.

In order for network security systems to balance between the technological shift to cloud computing and prevent costly equipment and software changes they must look for solutions that are compatible with existing systems.

One of the cloud-based solutions Logixx offers customers is an upgrade to a new security web portal that is still capable of accommodating their existing digital and analog cameras. This solution is a DVR appliance that allows you to access and manage your CCTV and security system from anywhere, at any time, from just a smartphone or tablet.

This web portal is managed by Honeywell and is known as the MaxPro Cloud System.

We’ve established that it’s important to update your security systems  in Toronto to make them easy-to-use and accessible for all parties involved and this web portal does just that. For a business owner who might not always be in the security control room or may travel for work, this security system upgrade is a great solution.

Cabling is yet another department where updates may be required depending on the your network and or security system upgrades. A fibre-optic cable might be your best bet to ensure that your cables can handle the load in both indoor, outdoor, or harsher environments.

What Are the Benefits of Upgrading Your Equipment and Technology?

What Are the Benefits of Upgrading Your Equipment and TechnologyThe solutions offered at Logixx for security system upgrades or equipment changes are ideal for companies who are gradually phasing in technological advancement. The hesitation to go from zero to a hundred and make a full upgrade can sometimes be a little daunting. We offer solutions that allow you to make upgrades that won’t slow your business down with reasonable cost.

Financial Benefits

If there are no existing issues with your technology, why make changes?

While this may be true, legacy systems or old cabling for example may  cause some serious damage when it does breakdown thus potentially creating costly repairs and or equipment replacement. If transitioning to an entirely new system is not an option, one may implement a gradual solution, an example being the  replacement of old cabling with fibre optic cables. Having a system that allows both analog and digital cameras is a transition towards technical advancement that may not require you to break the bank.

Gradual changes over time may provide you a more cost-effective progression. Rather than waiting out the 10 year lifecycle of legacy systems and equipment, making gradual changes may be more financially beneficial for your business rather than waiting for equipment failure.

User Efficiency

How to Make Proprietary Systems More Open to Technological AdvancementWhile older legacy systems may be not quite as user efficient, improved technological advancement with systems like Honeywell MaxwellPro can operate as the foundation for the overall storage and data management needs from a remote location, or stand-alone business.

These network security systems are aimed at making your life, as the user, easier. This single web portal allows you to manage all your data in one place and is just a few clicks away.

Furthermore, upgrades to control boards and systems utilized by your security team are meant to make their tasks more efficient with improved capabilities to increase overall business efficiency.

Staying on Top of Your Technology Game

Video surveillance features for security systems are continuously expanding. Enabled by the cloud, remote video apps, and analytics, are solutions that provide greater efficiencies for you and your workforce, while remaining cost-effective for your business.

In order to prevent your systems from becoming outdated and causing issues for your workforce, take a look at some of the upgrade solutions provided by Logixx. Our services focus on protecting your business and personal assets.

Contact us for a free consultation to evaluate your requirements and learn about the products and services we provide to simplify security systems for businesses.