SSI Taps Logixx Security For Their Top 75 Global Market Leaders Program

SSI Taps Logixx Security For Their Top 75 Global Market Leaders Program

In their October 2017 issue, Security Sales & Integration Magazine (SSI) unveiled their list of the Top 75 Market Leaders among commercial security providers, and Logixx was pleased to feature prominently in the mix. 

The list was broken down into 12 major industry verticals as well as an ‘other’ category featuring various sectors. As an award-winning security company, Logixx was featured in three of the top 12 and took the lead position in the Medical Marijuana field thanks to our 41% market share growth in 2016-2017.

The verticals in which Logixx was recognized were:

  • Education
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Office Buildings
  • Other (Medical Marijuana)

SSI lauds these market leaders for looking beyond simply selling security products and instead focusing on providing complete solutions.

“The most successful providers are delivering tailored solutions that take into account the unique needs and qualities of a particular end user,” wrote SSI Editor-in-Chief and Associate Publisher Scott Goldfine

“I am excited about SSI’s new Market Leaders program as it highlights those dealers and integrators that epitomize this go-to-market model, and are reaping the rewards in their respective verticals.”

Here is how Logixx fared in the Market Leaders survey by industry vertical.

Logixx’s SSI Top 75 Market Leader Results

Medical Marijuana (Top Spot)

Included in the Other Verticals category (along with Food & Agriculture and Datacenters), Logixx was selected as the Top Market Leader in the field of Medical Marijuana security.

SSI pointed out that our strategy is to help clients navigate complex regulations related to medical marijuana while ensuring that the systems we install are completely scalable.

Education (Top 17)

In the Education vertical, Logixx was included among the Top 17 Market Leaders, noting our industry best practices which include offering flexibility and scalability while investing in our education partnerships for future growth. 

Industrial Manufacturing (Top 15)

Logixx was selected as one of the Top 15 Market Leaders in Industrial Manufacturing. Our industry best practice of providing solutions that become a part of the production system is part of what has made us so competitive in this sector. 

Office Buildings (Top 26)

Finally, we were featured among the Top 26 Market Leaders in Office Building security. Noted in the industry best practices is our extensive consulting process with commercial building owners to not only understand their objectives but those of their tenants.

SSI Taps Logixx Security For Their Top 75 Global Market Leaders Program

Founded in 1979, SSI has grown to become one of the most influential and respected publications in the security industry. With over 50,000 subscribers in the field, SSI is uniquely positioned to provide market analysis, and Logixx was honoured to be included among the inaugural Top 75 Market Leaders program. 

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