How Do You Secure a Commercial Building

How Do You Secure a Commercial Building

Be it a store, assembly plant, office building or some other type of commercial property, protecting it from external theft (and malicious insiders) is necessary. The commercial security market is projected to grow to $376.34 billion USD by 2028.

However, the question of “how” to protect it can be vexing seeing there are many potential threats and, in response, many options in terms of security practices and technology.

In this post, we provide a basic roadmap to follow when protecting your commercial building.

Identify Your Threats

You must start by identifying threats.

This will depend on a wide range of factors, such as your industry realities, location, the nature of your product and service, and others.

For example, some businesses—such as research & development (R&D) and pharmaceuticals—are often at risk of malicious insiders, espionage, and theft. In other words, their threats come from outside and inside. In turn, you must ensure you install appropriate security solutions to not just respond to security issues, but ideally, prevent them by making the act difficult to pull-off.

One way to determine these threats is to conduct an assessment of your facility, preferably by a professional security company that understands your industry, products/services, etc.

Identify Your Vulnerabilities

Upon identifying your threats, you must now identify your vulnerabilities—i.e., the areas through which your threats could compromise your building.

This could include your main entrance as well as sub-entrances (i.e., doors to specific areas), the perimeter of your facility, the fact that you can’t post full-time security people at every area, the shipping and receiving area (or other areas where outsiders could enter), and others.

This is a crucial step as it directly informs the next one, i.e., selecting specific security systems to close those vulnerabilities and stop (and deter) the threats your building faces.

Protecting Your Commercial Building

Select Your Security Systems

Though your specific configuration will vary, commercial building owners generally deploy these as standard systems irrespective of industry, location, etc.

Visual Monitoring

This centers on a video surveillance system that clearly records and saves footage of key areas, such as the retail floor space or specific areas of the assembly site.

Access Control

To restrict access to the facility and/or specific areas in the facility (e.g., product storage room, a sensitive R&D lab, etc) buildings will install key code/card-locked doors.

Intrusion Detection

To alert the owner (or on-site security team) of a potential breach, buildings will also have alarm- -based intrusion detection systems on the doors, windows, and other vulnerable entry-points. 

Overall, you can’t underestimate the importance of commercial security systems for businesses

How to Protect Your Commercial Building

Not only is it an issue in terms of protecting your business from those who want to harm it, but in many industries, maintaining a certain standard is a compliance requirement. 

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