How Monitoring Alarm Systems Protect Your Business

How Monitoring Alarm Systems Protect Your Business

Your business has a number of important assets. These include employees, physical assets such as office space, equipment, and inventory; as well as digital assets such as proprietary information, customer data, and intellectual property. What measures are you taking to safeguard these assets?

In a recent study, the following information about Canadian businesses came to light:

  • 78% of businesses use physical measures like access control, locks on filing cabinets, and security alarms to protect physical assets.

While the vast majority of businesses are taking precautions and protecting their physical assets, many have not taken advantage of services like security alarm monitoring to ensure their assets and employees are safe.

Having security alarms in place is an important first step in deterring and catching individuals who are trying to cause harm to your business. 

However, if your alarm system is not connected to a monitoring system, criminals may still be able to get away with stealing substantial assets, ultimately costing your business hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Alarm system monitoring in Toronto is essential. Read further to learn more about how it works and why it is a good investment

How Security Alarm System Monitoring Works

Alarm monitoring works through communication between the security system’s main control panel and the central monitoring station. 

If any of the sensors on the security system, such as motion and smoke detectors, door or alarm sensors are triggered, an electronic signal is sent via a telephone line or back-up cellular signal to the central station. 

If the triggered alarm cannot be verified by the appropriate individual as a false or test alarm, the central station will dispatch the proper agency, depending on the alarm signal — police, fire, and/or ambulance.

Security systems send detailed information to the central/monitoring station. That information includes account identification including address and contact details and details about the sensor that has been activated. 

This account information allows the central station to contact the correct authorities with specific details that allow them to respond in the appropriate way.

The Importance of Monitoring vs. a Basic Alarm

Full Service Security Alarm System Monitoring

Unmonitored alarms can be somewhat effective as the noise triggered by the security alarms may scare off a would-be intruder, however, premises that DO NOT have a security system with alarm system monitoring are about 2 to 3 times more likely to be burglarized than those that do. 

Furthermore, 60% of attempted burglaries fail upon the discovery of an installed security system, either due to authorities catching the perpetrators or due to burglars deciding to give up and flee when the system is activated. 

That said, alarm monitoring in Toronto is still essential as a surprising 73% of convicted burglars have indicated they may continue with a robbery, even if it had an alarm. 

This is due to a large number of unmonitored alarms that these criminals likely encounter on a regular basis — alarms that are not tied to any kind of monitoring service but simply give off sound in hopes of intimidating would-be criminals into leaving.

Alarm Monitoring Systems Fees

Security Alarm Monitoring services come on a monthly service fee payment plan. They can also tie into any other security systems that you want active, including network and computer monitoring, CCTV, temperature/environmental controls and other access control systems. 

A fully integrated system gives you an affordable and effective way to enjoy a full suite of security services right at your fingertips.

Logixx Security specializes in helping businesses of all sizes achieve peace of mind and security for both assets and employees. We can set businesses up with full- or part-time monitoring services, with both simple and complex setups to ensure that your business is protected from the inside out. 

We have over two decades of experience in designing and installing exceptional security services, and we are the ideal partner for developing an alarm system monitoring program that works for you and your business. 

We begin with a basic consultation, evaluating your current security needs and answering questions about the products and solutions available.

Logixx can then provide a comprehensive security plan and quote, giving you an idea of what it will take to give your business adequate security protection. 

This will be custom-tailored to your specifications and requirements, and coming in at an affordable price that may surprise you. We invite you to contact us directly to learn more and start developing the security plan that works for you. Contact us today for the best security professionals available in the Toronto area.