Safeguard Your Business With These 5 Types of Security Systems

Safeguard Your Business With These 5 Types of Security Systems

Crime can have a devastating impact on your business. Without an effective security system in place, your business faces significant risks:

  • loss of assets
  • lost work time due to damage, closure or theft
  • clients feeling unsafe and avoiding the business location
  • clients losing confidence in the business

No wonder Canadian business associations spend millions every year keeping their communities and patrons safe.

There are several common types of security systems that can help protect your business from threats. You may choose to use only a single type, but security systems that combine several different aspects are more effective overall. These types of system security work together to offer multi-layered protection for your business.

It’s important to understand the benefits of each type of security system so you can maximize effectiveness without going overboard with costs.

Get 360 Degree Visibility With These 5 Different Types of System Security

Security systems have evolved significantly in the internet age. Instead of having to rely only on physical barriers and security guards, security systems now combine physical protection with technology. The following types of security systems for business integrate cutting-edge digital aspects with tried-and-true physical defenses to keep your assets safe at all times. 

1. Video Surveillance


Old-school video monitoring consisted of a low-resolution security camera providing grainy security footage that would routinely get recorded over and erased. Modern video surveillance systems offer much more detailed video, and footage can be monitored in real-time. 

Key Benefits

Having eyes on your business at all times provides you with peace of mind since you will be immediately alerted if something suspicious is happening. Team CCTV with a security monitoring company, like Logixx, to ensure 24/7 monitoring of your assets. 

2. Alarm System

Alarm systems are one of the most common types of home security, yet a business security alarm system differs in a few key ways. Business alarms are generally more complex, and may include multiple access points and codes for employees. Business alarms provide more data storage, and also often incorporate high-tech features such as temperature monitoring. Alarms may be part of a wired or wireless security system

Key Benefits 

Alarm systems are a key component in your front line of defense. Business alarms commonly include door and window sensors and motion sensors. When an alarm is triggered, the security company will send a qualified team member to the location to investigate. 

Alarms help you detect incidents and often scare away intruders. In addition, having an alarm makes it less likely that your property will be targeted, and may contribute to lower insurance rates.

3. Access Control 

Being able to remotely grant or block entry to your property is extremely valuable for businesses. Using this type of security system, you can easily manage who has access to the premises and when. Access control is vital for logging movement around the property and in some cases, essential for maintaining compliance.

Key Benefits

Access control is a type of security system for businesses that can be deployed anywhere–from large compounds to small office spaces. It helps reduce staffing, allows you to manage access at all times, and provides an additional layer of security against threats. With a virtual control panel you can administer access privileges on-the-fly too. 

4. Security Guards

Physical guarding is one of the oldest, one of the most trusted types of security systems. Security guards ensure access control, patrol the property, and check doors and windows. Hiring security guards can be an expensive proposition for smaller businesses; if that’s the case for you, consider opting for cloud-based security.

Key Benefits

Having a physical security presence on site deters many would-be intruders and helps prevent break-ins and property crime. Security guards also help detect and address potential shortcomings in security coverage, such as a malfunctioning door, before criminals can exploit these issues.

5. Remote Monitoring 

Remote monitoring is one of the most effective types of security systems. Being able to check on your business at any time, from any location, enables you to work remotely or travel while still keeping a close eye on your business. 

Key Benefits

Monitored security systems provide the peace of mind of an in-person security guard, without having to pay someone to physically guard your property at all times. Computer security systems make it easy to control physical access, and they are ideal for businesses that are still conducting daily operations in remote locations away from the main property.


What Types of Business Security Systems Should I Choose?

Consider the following when choosing among the different types of security systems for your business:

  • Cost
  • Insurance
  • Standard industry practice
  • Crime rates in your area
  • Scalability of the system

As important as the type of security system you opt for is the company you work with. Systems are only as effective as the support behind them; for instance, improperly located CCTV cameras will provide little actionable footage, and outdated monitoring systems will reduce the effectiveness of your systems. 

This is why some of Canada’s top businesses turn to Logixx. We are a full-service security company that provides tailored solutions for remote monitoring, access control, and physical protection services. 

We install, maintain, and monitor all types of security systems for businesses. Contact us today to speak with an expert about your security options. 

We know your industry. We understand the specific security challenges of your local area. We are ready to bolster your security defenses.