Why use mobile smart credential as security?

Why use mobile smart credential as security?

It’s easy to forget your keys and access cards behind when vacating an office or leaving your desk to grab a coffee, but what is the one item most people take with them everywhere they go? Their smartphones. 

Using a smartphone is the easy answer to security credentials to ensure proper access control to your building. 

Smartphones are powerful tools that play a massive role in our world, and a prime example of this is the use of smartphones as secure access credentials in business, commercial, and recreational institutions. The technology that makes this type of access control system possible is called Near Field Communication (NFC).  

Technically, Near Field Communication (NFC) is not new technology in access control solutions. It’s been around since 2004 and has been increasingly popular in the card access arena since 2011. The fact that it is extremely convenient for users has been a major reason for this increase in popularity. 

In 2012, HID Global systems partnered with the internet provider, Good, to implement an NFC access control system pilot test in their headquarters. The results speak for themselves; 

  • 80% of participants said they preferred the technology over standard access control cards 
  • 83% said that physical security in the building improved

Why use smartphones as security credentials?

Current access control management issues include assigning and managing access control badges in a high volume environment. This is a daunting and time-consuming task for security staff. 

Utilizing a cloud-based portal to centrally manage the access control system streamlines the administration process and reduces the hours involved in creating and managing this system on a daily basis.

Product Overview

HID’s OMNIKEY 2061 Bluetooth reader allows for secure log-on and hands-free operation, ideal for organizations with open work environments where customer information may be at risk.

The ability to support Bluetooth ensures for backwards compatibility and ease of use through quick connection to PCs and handheld devices.

Supporting virtually any contact smart card, HID’s OMNIKEY fully supports ISO 7816-3 for T=0 or T=1 protocol supporting cards, EMV 2000 Level 1, as well as Microsoft® WHQL.

  • Centrally managed access control system for quick set-up and administration
  • 90% of the HID Global pilot program participants said NFC access was easy to use and convenient
  • Manual card removal is not necessary, meeting hygiene requirements in controlled facilities
  • Staff prefer to use newer technology due to its “cool factor”


The set-up fee and annual cloud management subscription are costs one must consider when implementing this type of mobile access control solution. 

Current systems will need to be retro-fitted, and it assumes that all staff carry a smartphone that is NFC enabled.

Using Smartphones For Security

The system itself is not necessarily cheaper than implementing a card system, but the investment is worth the benefits. It is a quick and easy access control solution that will never leave you looking for your keys or access cards again.

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