What is a Tactical Security Guard and How They Can Safeguard Your Business

What is a Tactical Security Guard and How They Can Safeguard Your Business

Physical security threats cause Canadian businesses to lose revenue, goods, and their employees’ sense of safety. From employee theft to vandalism and break-ins, business owners need to know what security measures will protect their hard-won assets. By learning just what a tactical security guard is and does, business owners can better know their options.

As Bryan Kelly, executive vice-president and general manager of Logixx Security explains, “Business owners who understand what security measures are available to them, and have guidance on how to select the best security services for their needs, can better protect their endeavor from safety risks and threats. Tactical security guards can often be an invaluable resource as part of a comprehensive security plan.”

In this article, we’ll explain what a tactical security guard is and help business owners understand if these types of protective services are right for their security needs.

What is a Tactical Security Guard?

Tactical security guards have been instrumental at keeping several Canadian businesses secure and safe from threats. Tactical security guards are trained security personnel that can handle different levels of security threats with professionalism.

These types of security guards tend to have more training than your average security guard. In addition to providing a physical security presence, tactical guards are trained to handle heightened security incidents such as:

  • Apprehending shoplifters and detaining them until police arrive
  • Offering first-aid and medical assistance
  • Rapidly responding to urgent and escalating security threats
  • Managing and monitoring who can access and enter a facility

Roles and Responsibilities of Tactical Security Guards

Let’s share the common roles and responsibilities of tactical security guards.


Tactical security guards are the elite within the security industry, trained and equipped to handle complex scenarios that go beyond the capabilities of standard guards. Their role is multifaceted, encompassing a range of duties tailored to ensure maximum protection:

  • Crisis management: Handling high-pressure situations and making split-second decisions.
  • Threat neutralization: Swiftly responding to and neutralizing potential threats.
  • De-escalation: Managing and defusing volatile situations to prevent escalation.
  • Liaison: Coordinating with emergency services and law enforcement when necessary.

Key Responsibilities

Beyond their primary roles, tactical security guards have a set of responsibilities that ensure the safety and security of the premises they protect. These duties are crucial in maintaining a secure environment.

  • Risk assessments: Identifying potential vulnerabilities and suggesting security enhancements.
  • Coordination: Working closely with other staff during emergencies for a cohesive response.
  • Tech integration: Engaging with the latest security technologies and integrating them into their operations.
  • Emergency responsive: Assess and manage emergency scenarios to reduce risk and harm from affecting other areas of the facility.

Where Do Tactical Security Guards Work?

Tactical security guards provide tactical security services. Think crowd control, safety of the public as well as your employees, and an additional safeguard for your assets.

Companies like Logixx Security offer additional training to further support protection of your business, like tactical and arrest training—training not often found with other security firms.

These guards work within different industries, scenarios, and facility sites. Let’s take a look at where they work.

Retail Establishments

Tactical security guards are a common sight in retail settings and other areas with high-value items. Their commanding presence acts as a deterrent to theft, ensuring assets, employees, and patrons are safe.

Financial Institutions

Banks, credit unions, and other financial establishments often require a higher level of security due to the sensitive nature of their operations. Tactical security guards provide this heightened security, ensuring that assets, people, and transactions are protected.

Learn how to protect your business properly with the Logixx Security blog:

Events and Gatherings

From political rallies to concerts and large public events, the presence of tactical security guards is crucial. They play a pivotal role in crowd management, emergency response, and ensuring the overall safety of attendees and the public at large.

Industrial and Manufacturing

In sectors where valuable assets and raw materials are at stake, tactical security guards safeguard these resources. They also ensure a secure and safe environment for the workforce, mitigating potential threats and disruptions.

This can include construction sites, warehouses, manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical storage facilities, and others.

Personal and Executive Security

When high-value executives, politicians, or other at-risk people need their organization to protect them, tactical security guards could be deployed for this purpose.

Benefits of Tactical Security Guards to Canadian Businesses

For Canadian business owners, the decision to employ tactical security guards is not just about security; it’s about ensuring the continued success and growth of your enterprise. Let’s take a look at five benefits that can be won with tactical security guard services.

Enhanced Peace of Mind

As a business owner, you’ve got enough on your plate. With tactical security guards on your premises, you can rest easier knowing that professionals are overseeing your establishment’s safety. This assurance allows you to focus on what you do best: running your business.

Cost Savings

While there’s an upfront cost to hiring tactical security guards, it also serves to drive new revenue. Their presence can deter potential thefts and vandalism, saving you significant amounts in potential losses and damages.

Over time, these savings can be substantial. For instance, construction sites can prevent theft of nearly $1 billion in goods lost every year due to theft from Canadian job sites.

Increased Employee Safety

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Tactical security guards ensure a safe environment for your team, which can boost employee morale and productivity. After all, when your staff feels secure, they can focus more on their tasks and not the looming fear of potential threats.

Reduce the Number of Security Incidents

With tactical guards keeping watch, the number of security incidents can drastically reduce. Their proactive approach and advanced training mean potential threats are identified and neutralized before they escalate.

Improve Loss Prevention

Every incident of theft or vandalism hits your bottom line. Tactical security guards play a pivotal role in minimizing these occurrences, ensuring your assets remain intact and your profits are protected.

Limitations of Tactical Security Guards

Tactical security teams are of great value to business owners. However, they do have certain limitations that we discuss below.

Limited Monitoring

While tactical security guards are highly trained and vigilant, they are, after all, human. They can’t be everywhere at once. There are moments when certain areas might be left unmonitored, and during these brief windows, security incidents can occur. It’s a physical limitation that even the most dedicated guard can’t overcome.


Quality often comes at a price. Maintaining a continuous tactical security presence can strain your business’s budget. If your establishment requires 24-hour security, the costs can escalate quickly. It’s crucial for business owners to evaluate whether the benefits outweigh these significant expenses.

In this instance, consider supplementing your security measures with more cost-effective, automated solutions.

Not Subjective Capturing of a Security Incident

Relying solely on tactical security guards means depending on their firsthand accounts during security breaches. While their testimonies are valuable, they might miss out on certain details that a continuous CCTV surveillance system would capture objectively.

In high-pressure situations, even the most observant guard might overlook nuances that a camera wouldn’t.

💡Tip: For Canadian business owners, understanding security limitations is essential. While tactical security guards offer a number of advantages, it’s crucial to complement their services with other security measures to gain a fully comprehensive protection strategy.

5 Tips to Determine if a Tactical Security Guard is Right For Your Business

Assess Your Current Security Measures

Are your current security measures sufficient to handle today’s threats?

Take a moment to review your existing security infrastructure. Consider both your physical measures, like locks and standard security personnel, and technological measures, such as CCTV and alarm systems. Understanding the effectiveness of your current setup is the first step in determining if you need to enhance your security.

2. Identify Vulnerabilities

Where are the weak spots in your current security setup?

Every business has vulnerabilities. Recognizing areas that are not adequately monitored or times when security might be lax can help you pinpoint where enhancements, like tactical security guards, might be beneficial. If you’re not sure where to start, get a security consultation.

3. Consider the Nature of Your Business

Does your business type or location necessitate advanced security measures?

Businesses dealing with high-value goods, sensitive information, or those located in high-risk areas might have inherent risks. Reflect on whether your business falls into these categories and if so, consider the value of heightened security.

4. Budgetary Constraints

Does your security budget align with the costs of hiring tactical security guards?

While tactical security guards offer unparalleled protection, they come at a cost. Weigh the potential risks and losses against the investment to determine if it’s a feasible option for your business.

5. Evaluate Past Incidents

Have previous security breaches or threats indicated a need for enhanced security?

Reflect on any past incidents your business might have faced. If you’ve encountered multiple security breaches or threats, it might be a clear sign that you need to ramp up your security measures with tactical guards.

7.Physical Security

Physical security measures are classic safeguards that business owners have used for centuries to protect their assets, staff, and premises. Modern examples of physical guard services are:

  • Security Guards: Trained security professionals are present at a location. They provide a visible deterrent to criminals and can respond to safety incidents.
  • Mobile Patrols: Not every business needs a round-the-clock security presence. Mobile patrols do periodic sites visits based on a business’s needs
  • Perimeter Fencing: This is strategic fencions used to secure the boundaries of a facility or an open worksite, such as a construction zone.

By establishing these physical barriers and monitoring mechanisms, businesses create an environment where illicit activities are easily detected. This visible layer of protection serves as a powerful deterrent, making employees think twice before attempting theft.

For Security Measures You Can Depend On, Trust Logixx Security

Canadian business owners understand the paramount importance of safeguarding their assets, employees, and reputation. Tactical security guards offer a robust layer of protection, but it’s essential to weigh their benefits against potential limitations.

At Logixx Security, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive security solutions tailored to your unique needs. If you’re considering enhancing your security measures, don’t hesitate.

Contact Logixx Security today and let us help you craft the perfect security strategy for your business.