Leverage the Benefits of a Commercial Security System

Leverage the Benefits of a Commercial Security System

From enabling you to quickly respond to a potential break-in to deterring would-be malicious insiders from stealing your patents, today’s commercial security systems serve many critical functions. In this post, we examine each type of system to show how each one is important.

Access Control Systems

The central aim of access control systems is to prevent unauthorized people from accessing specific areas of your commercial building/property. 

In a retail environment, for example, you will not want shoppers to walk into the staff backroom, inventory room, or the cash vault. The store would restrict that access by locking each of those areas with a key-code/card that’s only available to its employees (and in some situations, only a subgroup of employees, such as managers or keyholders). 

There are no shortage of scenarios where access control systems are necessary, e.g., financial services institutions, pharmaceutical labs, manufacturing facilities, etc.

Video Surveillance Systems

The purpose of a video surveillance system is to deter, stop, and audit breaches.

The Importance of Commercial Security Systems

It deters threats by establishing presence, i.e., it shows (via a network of security cameras) the would-be perpetrator that they are being watched. The University of North Carolina’s Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology found that cameras, along with security signs, gave would-be burglars pause.

It stops threats by giving the security response team “eyes” of the situation, e.g., a control room could tell the security team where the perpetrator is going during the act.

It helps you audit breaches by providing a visual account of the situation, which you can look at to see who was responsible, identify vulnerabilities, and other critical steps to prevent breaches in the future. In some regions, the police will require your video footage for their investigations.

Alarm System Monitoring

The alarm-based monitoring system (also known as intrusion detection system) serves two critical functions: to deter threats as well as to alert you (and police) to a potential breach.

Commercial Security Systems

These systems are typically installed on vulnerable entry-points, especially doors and windows. If someone breaks in through those (or tries tampering with them), the system will go-off with an alarm and tip you and law-enforcement off of the situation. 

In addition to law-enforcement integration, you can also combine your alarm-based monitoring system with your video surveillance system. For example, when the alarm goes off it will notify you of the situation and provide real-time live footage of the situation.

Today, the commercial security system offers many different options. However, to select the one that fulfills your requirements, you should speak to a professional security firm, such as Logixx, to identify your threats and define your needs so that you don’t overspend or miss critical gaps. 

Commercial security systems protect your assets all hours of the day. Logixx is here to help.