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Business Security Systems in Toronto

Stop struggling with ineffective security. Work with experts who are trusted by business leaders across Canada and get top-level results.

Lower Your Business’s Security Risks and Gain Peace of Mind

Run your business without the worry and hassle of security issues with a trusted security company by your side.

Why choose Logixx Security for business security services?

One-stop security shop . Have all your security needs, equipment, and support handled by a single, expert team.

Secure your property. We offer remote monitoring, on-site guards, and mobile patrol services.

Gain a complete view of your business with high-quality CCTV systems designed and installed by industry experts.

Enhance employee safety with security advice from professionals with over 47 years experience.

Enjoy reduced security incidents , vandalism, and loss from theft with measures that address your security needs.

Request a quote for elite business security services in Toronto.

Canadian Business’s Who Trust Logixx Security

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Business Security Services in Toronto

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How We Secure and Serve Companies in the Greater Toronto Area

Complete Security Management for Your Business

Ready to spend less time worrying about the safety of your business and more time running it?

With managed security services, you can rest easier and put your focus where it really needs to be – towards growing and optimizing your business.

Security services that we can happily manage for you include:

  • Video surveillance
  • AI cameras
  • Security equipment maintenance
  • IT integration
  • Security assessments
  • On-site patrols
  • And more

Round-the-Clock Security Solutions

Ensure your business is secure no matter the time of day. Trust Logixx to keep eyes on your property, people, and assets at all times.

For a physical presence, we offer security guard services and mobile patrols that are integrated with advanced electronic security tools.

Or rely on our personnel at our Central Security Monitoring Facility to keep a close eye on your business through your video surveillance system.

If suspicious activity is detected, our team responds quickly and gets the right people to take action.

Watch Theft and Loss Numbers Decrease

Shoplifting is on the rise in Toronto . Product loss and theft can have a huge impact on your business’s bottom line.

Instead of accepting loss as a normal part of “doing business,” work with a security team that views theft as an exception to the rule, not an expectation.

Ways Logixx can help monitor and manage loss issues include:

  • Entry access card management
  • On-site security guards
  • CCTV consulting, installation, and management
  • Comprehensive risk assessments

Know What’s Happening Within Your Workspaces

You can’t prevent or mitigate what you can’t see. If your business’s CCTV system isn’t giving you a bird’s eye view of your property, you may be unknowingly exposing your operation to increased security risks.

Get a complete picture of activities happening on your property with a top-tier CCTV system designed to monitor your location as fully as possible.

Our security system consultants can help you determine the right camera system that matches your business needs and budget. We’ll see your project to the end with professional installation services.

Leverage the Power of Integrated Security

Protect your business from all sides – for less than you might think – by integrating electronic security measures into your business security system.

Electronic security systems and services we provide businesses in the Greater Toronto Area and across Canada include:

  • Burglar and fire alarm systems
  • Video surveillance and 24/7 monitoring
  • Access control card systems
  • Centralized monitoring
  • Managed security services
  • Virtual guards

24/7 Security Patrols and Mobile Solutions

Having a physical security presence can do wonders for deterring criminals and reducing suspicious activity incidents. However, a full-time security guard isn’t always an option for many businesses.

Our mobile patrol services allow you to have the benefit of a regular, routine security presence without the cost of a full-time team.

We’ll work with you to establish the level of service that works best for your needs and budget. These services can include:

  • Randomized safety patrols
  • Security escort services
  • Alarm and emergency response
  • Keyholder services
  • Perimeter protection
  • Scheduled interior and exterior patrols

Experienced and Educated Security Personnel at Your Side

We have over 4,000 security personnel deployed across Canada that are of the utmost caliber. Each one is well-versed in the latest security strategies and technologies needed to effectively secure businesses.

Our security guards maintain a high-degree of professionalism and courtesy at all times; you can trust they will demonstrate respect for your business every moment they’re on-site.

Know Where Your Vulnerabilities Exist

In terms of security, what you don’t know can hurt you. To fully protect your business, employees, assets and reputation, you need to know your businesses’ security strengths and weaknesses.

Gain a bird’s eye view of your security weaknesses with a security risk assessment from a seasoned security professional at Logixx Security.

We’ll work closely with your team to gather accurate information and develop a plan that will ensure we leave your business’s security stronger than ever.

Why We are Leaders in Business Security


Number of security personnel deployed across Canada


Number of years providing business security services


We’re available day and night to secure our clients’ assets

Business Security Systems in Toronto

Responsive Security Services That Keep Your Business Safe

When suspicious activity arises, you can rely on our team to respond fast and mitigate problems with expert care. Our teams have exceptional knowledge of Toronto areas and understand the unique security risks of each region.

Whether you choose from physical security guards, remote monitoring technologies, or a combination of the two, you can trust Logixx to be vigilant about protecting your business.

Benefit From Working with a Single Security Provider

Ensure all areas of your security plan are up to snuff by streamlining your security services into a single solution.

At Logixx Security, we provide a complete range of security services that can be integrated into one comprehensive security system.

This means you don’t have to choose between different security tools or juggle different providers.

So, instead of working with separate providers to care for different aspects of your business’s security, rely on Logixx to be your full-solution security partner in Toronto.

Business Security Systems Toronto

Your Security Team Should Be On Your Side

Work with a company that takes protecting your business as seriously as you do.

business security services

Safeguard Multiple Locations the Easy Way

No businesses have the same security needs, but the same is also true about a single business with multiple locations!

No matter how many venues your business operates from, we understand each location has unique security needs that need their own security plan.

At Logixx, we will work with you to create the best security plan for all your venues.

We operate in most major Canadian cities – if you have businesses in different parts of the country, we can still handle all your security needs!

Other Security Services in Toronto

Partner with a leading Canadian security company to give your business the protection it needs – and your team the safety they deserve.

We are committed to delivering the best security services in the country and will always take your business’s protection to heart.

Safeguard your business with elite business security services from Logixx Security.


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