Why You Need to Upgrade Your Card Access Control System

Why You Need to Upgrade Your Card Access Control System

No matter your industry, company size, or location, keeping your business secure should be a top priority. With the spread of data leaks along with what’s stolen by modern burglars, facility security is imperative to the success of any business. And this is where upgrading your card access control system can help.

Modern access card systems are one of the more efficient ways to keep your facility secure. Instead of manual locks on doors, electronic locking devices are installed and are operated by swiping an authorized card. This helps keep unwanted trespassers out of the building while also keeping track of your employees’ movement throughout the facility.

Below are some ways your business can benefit from installing a security access control system.

Benefits of an Access Card Control System Upgrade

Enhanced Facility Security

The most significant benefit of upgrading to a modern access control card system is keeping your facility secure and under control.

With a modern access card system, you can limit access to specific areas of your business to ensure only authorized personnel can access them. It also gives administrators and office managers a record of when and where employees were accessing at any given time.

This helps keep track of employees’ activity and provides a quick way to determine if someone is accessing prohibited areas.

Reduced Energy Bills

Another great benefit of installing a security access control system is the potential of reducing energy bills and protecting the environment.

Since an access control system upgrade can help keep track of which areas of the building are currently occupied, that data can be integrated in the building management system so that it automatically turns off lighting or reduces air conditioning or heating.

Lower Cost

There are many ways in which facility access control can help your business control costs. Energy bills can be greatly reduced when the building management system takes into account which areas are occupied and which are not.

In addition, you can limit access to certain resources that employees may be taking advantage of. For instance, you can control how many times an employee accesses the supply closet or printer, controlling superfluous costs.

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Source: International Security Journal

More Efficient Payroll

Modern card access systems can provide data that limit your payroll headaches. Manually entering staff attendance data can be overwhelming and error-prone. Having facility access data readily available will save you time and resources, leading to a more efficient process.

Facility access control systems upgrades can be a simple, affordable, and efficient solution for your building security needs. However, before you take the plunge, it’s important to consider what your business and facility requires.

Managing a facility access control system without the proper training or knowledge can be a daunting process that may lead to more work for your team instead of less.

Having a good understanding of the appropriate options for your facility and partnering with the right team of experts to help you install and maintain the system is critical to the success and security of your business.

Below are some tips on methods to choose the best security system integrator to install your facility access control system.

  • Referrals – Effective security measures are critical for safeguarding sensitive information and protecting physical assets. By securing a referral, organizations can benefit from the expertise and experience of industry peers, mitigating the risk of deploying an ineffective or subpar system.
  • You’ll also gain valuable insights into the performance, scalability, and ease of use of your access control system upgrade of choice.
  • Experience – It’s critical that you partner with a security system integrator that has a considerable amount of experience, especially with installing systems the same size and complexity as yours. Make sure they not only have experience with it, but that the customer is still satisfied with the installation and maintenance.
  • Support – You should make sure the company you choose to partner with has a comprehensive support plan in place. Maintenance and support for your system is crucial to its success in keeping your facility secure.
  • Certifications – You’ll want to partner with a security system integrator that has appropriate credentials. A certified security system proves to property owners, service-based organizations, insurance providers, and any other stakeholders that the security system is legitimate.
  • Having a ULC certification is a benefit. Acquiring this national industrial security system certification comes with installation, testing, service, and maintenance of alarm systems.

Modern access control systems offer an unparalleled amount of security for your business. These systems are scalable, customizable, and can provide critical insights into how to make your business more efficient and successful.

Access Control System Upgrades Are Easier Than Ever

At Logixx Security, we provide a suite of facility access services and support. With our 47+ years of experience, we’ve worked with a range of brands and businesses and have developed unrivaled expertise in new technology.

Contact us to learn how to make upgrading your access control systems easier than ever, starting with a security audit from one of our protection experts.