Customized Security Solutions for Every Industry

Solutions Combining Electronic & Physical Security

From enterprise security to warehouse security, you need to have the right infrastructure in place.

Guarantee asset safety and monitor all aspects of your site with 24/7 remote monitoring, on-site security patrols, and more.

Trusted security partners for 500+ businesses across Canada.

Industries, Logixx Security

Security for All Industries

Implement comprehensive security programs where each location is treated individually, yet operates cohesively. How? With one centralized program and one point of contact.

Industries, Logixx Security

Target business vulnerabilities with scalable commercial security systems, powered by access control and 24/7 monitoring.

Industries, Logixx Security

Reduce the risk of theft, property damage, and more with 360-degree protection and integrated security systems for warehouses.

Industries, Logixx Security

Protect patients and personnel with on-site healthcare security guard patrols, 24/7 monitoring, and integrated security solutions.

Industries, Logixx Security

Prevent costly theft and property damage with end-to-end security for retail—from on-site patrols to CCTV.

Industries, Logixx Security

Promote staff, residential and commuting student safety with CCTV, intelligent video analytics, and on-site guard patrols. All are part of your college campus security.

Industries, Logixx Security

Easily address different security concerns across properties with Logixx’s tailored approach to high-rise and condo security.

Industries, Logixx Security

Protect your dispensary’s retail space with K9 units, on-site security guards, and 24/7 remote monitoring—all part of your dispensary security package.

Industries, Logixx Security

Safeguard client financial health and personnel well being with scalable bank security systems and on-site security guards.

Industries, Logixx Security

Safeguard your property, premises, and people high-definition CCTV, remote monitoring, and more with Canada’s trusted pharma security.

Industries, Logixx Security

Create a safe setting for employees and inventory with access control, on-site guards, and scalable security solutions. Tap into tailored solutions for manufacturing facility security.

Industries, Logixx Security

Tailor industrial security to the demands of your facility with expert recommendations, covering patrols, camera upgrades, and K9 units.

Industries, Logixx Security

Safeguard expensive materials and equipment with 360-degree construction security supported by CCTV, remote and on-site guards, and more.

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Electronic Services

Tailored security systems help you manage all of your business’s locations remotely from one system. Easily retrieve data to support audits or investigations.

Physical Services

Combine electronic systems and physical security. On-site guards increase the sense of security, adding an extra layer of protection and response.


Systems Consulting


Emergency Planning


Loss Prevention

At Logixx, we listen to our client’s unique security challenges and develop a customized program to suit their individual situation, needs, and budget.

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