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Construction Security

Monitor, manage, and mitigate security risks at your construction site

Monitor & Protect Your Construction project Site live 24/7.

Safeguard expensive materials and equipment, even when you aren’t on site, with Canada’s leading security firm—trusted by 500+ businesses across the country.

Why choose Logixx Security for construction security?

Prevent theft and vandalism with a vetted team of construction site security guards armed with tactical and arrest training.

Keep an eye on your site from all angles with 24/7 centralized video monitoring, watched by trained security professionals.

Keep projects on track with on-site checks, regularly scheduled patrols, and emergency response ready to stop threats.

Minimize and manage liability with construction site security systems at every touchpoint—from access control to ID verification.

Easily monitor multiple sites with the same high-quality security services, from patrols to cameras, accessible from a single point of contact.

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Why Businesses Across Canada Rely On Logixx for Construction Security Services

Stop Crime & Other Business Threats With CCTV Monitoring

Managed Security Services

Deploy closed circuit camera systems trusted by 500+ businesses Canada-wide, all supported through a single security vendor.

Remote Monitoring

Keep trained eyes on your business and assets with 24/7 remote monitoring and high-definition footage.

Professional Installation

Patch security vulnerabilities with closed circuit cameras and built-in motion detection. Integrate CCTV security with your IT infrastructure.

Multi-Site Security

Support on-site security with CCTV remote monitoring across multiple business locations.

Emergency Response

Resolve security concerns quickly with around-the-clock emergency response.

Security Audits

Identify security vulnerabilities, streamline CCTV systems, and optimize costs with an in-depth security audit.

24/7 Monitoring

Keep your facilities safe at all hours with 24/7 monitoring, all watched from our Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Integrated Security Systems

Integrate closed-circuit television and electronic security with your IT systems.

Virtual Guard Tours

Allow remote security guards to patrol your facilities through your camera system, at set times or other schedules.

The Story of Canada’s Premier Construction Security Company


Threat monitoring and response


Trained security personnel across Canada


Businesses trust Logixx

Customized Construction Site Security Services

construction security services

Tailored Security in Construction—It Starts With Us

Already have a security camera system or access control setup you like? We’ll tailor our security services to the requirements of your construction sites, including:

  • Alarm systems
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Surveillance systems
  • On-site security patrols
  • K9 detection units
  • New construction security systems
  • And more

Security in construction starts with an on-site assessment and tailored recommendations to get an accurate read of security vulnerabilities.

Reduce Risk and Liability With Construction Crane Security 

You’ve heard the stories—thrill seekers and others are climbing cranes for a challenge. Safety and liability concerns are just the tip of the iceberg.

Protect cranes and other business-critical equipment with construction equipment security solutions, including:

  • 24/7 centralized monitoring
  • Security fences for construction
  • Security guards paired with K9 detection units
  • Scheduled patrols
  • Systems consulting for construction job site security
  • And more

Keep an eye on unusual activity and improve the safety of your construction site, all advised by Canada’s most trusted security firm.

Security Company for Construction Sites

Keep 360-Degree Visibility, 24/7

You can’t always be on-site, and that’s precisely why we offer security systems for commercial buildings.

Keep eyes on your business always with:

  • Security system design and deployment
  • CCTV and remote monitoring
  • Virtual Guard tours, with guards checking your security cameras on a set schedule and other times
  • And more

When you collaborate with Logixx, your commercial security system works for you—easily integrated, simply scalable.

Manage Multi-Site Protection With One Security Firm

The security firm of choice for 500+ businesses across Canada.

Security for Construction Sites

Access Control at All Construction Site Touchpoints

Maintain 360-degree visibility on who enters and leaves your sites with access control at every entry point. Validate credentials and check truck and inventory movement, at any time of day or night.

Monitor entry and exits with:

  • Access control at all entries
  • Advanced biometric technology
  • Radio frequency access control
  • And more

Integrate access control seamlessly with all security services across multiple sites—making monitoring easier than ever.

Fast response times, dedicated construction security guard services, and 24/7 real-time monitoring—that’s what sets us apart.

Deploy the same high-quality services across multiple sites, and safeguard all equipment with the security solutions trusted by 500+ businesses across Canada.

Minimize theft, secure your assets, and manage your site effectively with one of the top construction security companies.

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