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Security Company Winnipeg

Mitigate Risk With The Leading Winnipeg Security Services Company

Safeguard your property, people, and interests with a security company in Winnipeg that brings 47+ years of expertise.

Work with one of the leading Winnipeg security companies:

Design a right-sized security program and receive honest, transparent advice

from our security consultants. We work with small businesses, commercial, transit, and industrial facilities.

Maximize value

by deploying an integrated physical, electronic, and cyber security program–all from a single security company in Winnipeg.

Leverage the expertise of 2500+

security professionals across all key security competencies at one of the best Winnipeg security companies.

Identify and address threats 24/7

with proven security guard services, access control, mobile patrol, and emergency response services.

Deploy industry-leading commercial security

with a team that’s trusted by the Toronto Construction Association, City of Oshawa, and 500+ businesses across Canada.

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Why We Are One of the Top Physical Security Companies in Winnipeg

Logixx Security

Security Company in Winnipeg

5th Floor, 2000 Wellington Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3H 1C2

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What You Gain From Working With the Best Security Company in Winnipeg

Protect Your Business With Professional Security

Keep your business secure with highly trained, experienced security professionals. 2,500 in-field personnel across Canada are ready to help keep your business safe.

Your security company in Winnipeg offers:

  • In-depth security audits
  • Trained security teams
  • Mobile patrols
  • Virtual Guard tours
  • Access control monitoring
  • Emergency planning
  • Loss prevention
  • K9 detection services
  • IT integration
  • And more

Collaborate with a security company that responds to your business needs—from events security to scheduled patrols.

Spotlight and Fix Security Weak Points

Work with an experienced security team to find and fix security weak points that can cost you business and profit.

Deploy tailored solutions from your security audit, including patrols and emergency planning. 

Deter Criminals & Threats With Mobile Patrols

Keep an eye on your facilities, no matter the size, with Logixx’s fleet of marked and unmarked security vehicles.

Trust your business is safe with regular mobile patrols and inspections—all part of our Winnipeg security company’s plan to keep your assets secure.

Deploy Security Across Multiple Facilities

Deploy the same high-quality security across multiple facilities, and keep it simple when you work with one security vendor.

Prevent asset theft and profit loss with access control, trained security guards, and K9 detection.

Integrate Monitoring Services With Your Business

Support your business with integrated monitoring services that accommodate your workflow. Tailored security solutions give you the support you need, like remote monitoring and 24/7 visibility.

Keep an eye on things with multi-level security systems, and access to your security data and systems. 

Work With Experienced Security Personnel

In-person and virtual patrols cover your business from end to end, at all hours. Regularly scheduled patrols and camera monitoring guarantee your business is being watched, day and night.

Your security team’s services include:

  • Security guards
  • Concierge and low-profile security guards
  • High-profile security guards
  • Close protection

Boost the Power of In-Person Security With Electronic Security Systems

Physical security is one part of the puzzle. The rest? Integrating electronic security systems, like:

  • Access control
  • Video analytics
  • Remote monitoring
  • And more

Gain a real-time bird’s eye view of your business’s security with comprehensive electronic security.

Stop Crime in its Tracks With the Go-To Security Company in Winnipeg

Work with experienced security professionals trusted by 500+ businesses across Canada.

Why Businesses in Winnipeg Choose Logixx for Safety and Security


Minutes’ response time from first phone contact


Security personnel in the field across Canada


Monitoring, response, and other security services

Winnipeg Security Company

Get the Security You Need With Tailored In-Person and Electronic Services

Seamlessly integrate your in-person and remote security with your business workflow, thanks to your experienced local Winnipeg security firm.

Get tailored security services that include:

  • Integrated security systems
  • IT Integration
  • CCTV & video surveillance
  • Access control
  • Virtual Guard tours
  • Alarm systems
  • And more

Work With Trusted Security Personnel

Work with trusted, experienced security personnel dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Your team blends in with non-security personnel, minimizing workflow disruptions.

Reduce the risk of crime with both in-person and remote support, including:

  • K9 detection
  • Mobile response
  • Emergency planning
  • And more
Security Company Winnipeg

24/7 Centralized Real-Time Monitoring

What good is an alarm system in Toronto if there’s no one to hear or respond to it?

Our Central Security Monitoring Facility employs state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and qualified professionals to monitor security cameras, alarms, motion sensors, and more.

Gain a current, accurate picture of your business 24/7/365 with our integrated security systems and live dashboards.

Streamline your security with personnel experienced in protecting retail, warehousing, and other business-critical spaces.

Protect your business, your assets, and your team with end-to-end security services.

Stay ahead of evolving threats with in-depth security audits and integrated solutions.

Safeguard your business with the security company trusted by 500+ companies across Canada

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