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Security Consulting Calgary

Want Reliable Security Consultants in Calgary So You Can Guarantee Your Business’s Safety?

End feelings of vulnerability and being exposed when you get access to the security measures necessary to fully secure your business against any and all threats.

Why choose Logixx for your security consulting service in Calgary?

Defend your business with a fully managed security system from a dedicated team of physical security consultants, with over 2500 in-field agents across Canada.

Work with experienced security operatives who will perform an in-depth security assessment, and implement security technologies.

Eliminate risks to your business with multi-site security locations, each working together to create a security control system that guarantees your business’s safety.

Have your business protected 24/7 with real-time security support coordinated by our Calgary security company through the Central Security Monitoring Facility.

Rapidly deploy Mobile Response Teams that will prevent and address security risks.

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Logixx Security

Security Consultation Services in Calgary

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Premier Calgary Security Consultation Service

A One-Stop-Approach That Meets Your Security Needs

Don’t throw time and money away juggling multiple security firms, each providing different but needed security services. 

With Logixx, we will manage your entire security strategy, equipping your business with all the technology and services it needs, including: 

  • Comprehensive security audits
  • Emergency planning
  • Systems consulting
  • Fully managed services
  • Security environmental design consulting
  • Insurance
  • IT Integration

Leverage Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions to Fully Protect Your Business

Make use of a security program that features both in-person and electronic services, working in tandem to create an impenetrable security system. 

Get elite risk management solutions, including:

  • CCTV and video surveillance
  • Access control (including advanced biometric systems, radio frequency access control, and more)
  • Virtual Guard Tours
  • IT integration 

You’ll also benefit from network security and cyber security support with LAN and WAN security solutions.

Certified and Experienced Professionals Able to Protect Your Assets In-Person

Logixx will station a physical presence at your business at all times so it’s never left at risk again. 

You’ll be able to take advantage of: 

  • Expert security operatives
  • Mobile response and patrols
  • Important personnel protection services
  • Security watch services
  • Private investigators
  • Executive protection
  • K9 detection services 
  • And more

Let us take care of your organization’s security concerns with full-spectrum security services.

Guard Your Business 24/7/365 

Ensure your security requirements are being met no matter the date or time with 24/7 real-time monitoring.

Coordinated through our Central Security Monitoring Facility, we’ll routinely and consistently monitor your assets and locations via our integrated security systems that are powered by the latest surveillance technologies.

Be Ready to React to Security Threats With Your Rapid Mobile Response Teams

When you need security support, your Mobile Response Teams will be close and ready to act. 

Your dedicated team will have an in-depth knowledge of your business and its assets, knowing how to most effectively respond to any security threats they encounter.

Assess Your Entire Security System, Identifying Vulnerabilities and Fixing Them

No well-devised security plan can begin unless it takes into account your specific business environment and security needs.

We undertake a comprehensive analysis of your facility’s physical security needs, then develop and execute a tailored security plan.

Be Prepared for Any Situation

No matter what the security scenario you face, you’ll be able to respond effectively and in a way that mitigates or prevents all harm to your business. 

Our team at Logixx has over 47 years of security planning and consulting expertise. In that time, we have built hundreds of emergency plans that can respond to any situation your business may face. 

Save Money and Protect Business Assets + Resources

Our goal is to defend your business, its assets, and your team. 

You’ll work with professional security operatives who are able to adapt to your workplace’s specific workflows and routines, ensuring you get maximal security and substantially mitigate the risk of loss through theft, vandalism, etc.

Keep Your Business Protected With One of The leading Security Consulting Companies


Benefit from professional security consulting services and keep your business protected against existing and emerging threats

Security Consulting Company in Calgary You Can Bank On


In-field security professionals across Canada


Minutes response time via telephone


Monitoring, services, and response

Security Consulting Services Calgary

Full Management of Your Entire Security Environment

End your security threats with a full-service physical security consulting firm

Logixx has decades of experience providing full-spectrum services, so you can rest easy knowing that every single security concern and threat will be accounted for and addressed.

Round-the-Clock Support and Monitoring

Your security concerns don’t rest at night. In reality, it’s the opposite: they’re likely to be more active when everyone has gone home. 

With Logixx as your partner there will never be a time when your business is left unguarded. 

With 24/7 monitoring and Mobile Response Teams at the ready, you can sleep easy knowing your business is always outfitted with and making use of leading security services.

Security Consulting Services Calgary

Certified and Expertly Trained Operatives

Don’t work with substandard security service providers.

Instead, work with a team you know you can rely on when paired with our experienced security operatives.

They have the abilities and knowledge needed to identify and prevent threats before they can impact your business.

security consulting in Calgary

Develop a Personalized Security Package

Your business is unique – so why use a generalized security solution? 

Your security environment requires a specialized, personalized approach, which is exactly what you’ll get from Logixx.

Why We Stand Out From Other Security Consultation Companies

Never again leave your business vulnerable to expensive and dangerous security attacks. 

Through a combination of top-tier technology and premier security operatives, you’ll know that your business is ready for any and all security challenges it may face.

Protect your business from all threats


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