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Security Consulting in Edmonton

Guarantee Your Business’s Safety With Security Consulting in Edmonton

Identify and fix security vulnerabilities with the premier security consulting services in Edmonton—from in-depth risk assessments to strategic planning.

Why choose Logixx for security consulting in Edmonton?

Spotlight potential security weaknesses with an end-to-end risk assessment and recommended security fixes, from CCTV to on-site personnel.

Keep your business safe with fully managed security solutions, including 2,500 in-field agents available across Canada.

Integrate security across multiple business locations as each team works together to keep your business safe.

Keep an eye on your business 24/7 with real-time monitoring from our Central Security Monitoring Facility.

Streamline security services to minimize costs and maximize effectiveness with our security consultants.

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Learn How Businesses Stay Safe With Logixx’s Professional Edmonton Physical Security Consulting Services

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Comprehensive Edmonton Security Consulting Services

A Fully Managed Approach to Security

Simplify your business’s security with a fully managed approach to workplace protection.

Develop a security strategy that supports your business with technology, personnel, and:

  • In-depth security audits
  • Emergency planning 
  • Systems consulting
  • IT integration
  • Insurance
  • Security design consulting

Protect Your Business With an Integrated Security Program

Support your business’s security efforts with integrated technology and personnel support, covering your business from all sides.

Safeguard against threats with risk management, including:

  • CCTV and video surveillance
  • Access control
  • Virtual Guard tours
  • IT integration

Keep your technology just as safe with LAN and WAN security options.

Protect Your Facilities With Experienced Security Personnel

Know that your business is never left vulnerable with experienced on-site security.

Your security planning includes: 

  • Trained security personnel
  • Mobile response teams and regularly scheduled patrols
  • Security watch 
  • Private investigators
  • K9 detection services
  • Executive protection
  • And more

Get the security your business needs with experienced personnel trained to handle patrol and leadership safety.

Safeguard Your Business 24/7/365

Safeguard against threats—on or off the clock—with 24/7 monitoring.

Monitor your assets with the assistance of personnel working in our Central Security Monitoring Facility. Integrated security systems provide the latest in security technology.

Respond to Threats in Real Time With Mobile Response Teams

Threats don’t wait, and neither should you—safeguard your facilities with mobile response teams.

Your team, armed with an in-depth understanding of your facilities, knows best how to respond to any potential threats and work alongside your processes.

Identify and Correct Any Security Vulnerabilities

Strengthen your business’s protections with security consulting in Edmonton, starting with an in-depth security audit.

Get an in-depth analysis of your facility’s security needs, and recommendations to fix vulnerabilities. Integrate security technology and personnel support to protect your business from all angles.

Stay Ahead of Emergencies

You never know when the next emergency will strike, but you can plan ahead.

Work with a trusted security firm that’s designed hundreds of emergency plans over the last 47 years.

Improve Your ROI With Loss Prevention

Defending your business’s assets means more than protecting your facilities and employees. You need to protect your inventory.

Work with trained security personnel who collaborate seamlessly with your business’s workflows. Maximize your security and reduce the risk of theft.

Keep Your Business Safe From Threats

Stay ahead of evolving threats with security consulting services in Edmonton.

Security Consultants in Edmonton Your Can Trust


Security personnel across Canada

47 Years

Securing businesses across Canada


Monitoring, response, and support

Security Consulting Services Edmonton

Manage Your Business’s Security, From End to End

Simplify your security management and reduce the risk of threats and other problems.

Work with a security firm that has 47 years of experience providing services from strategic planning to emergency response. Account for all of your security concerns, and know that Logixx has your back.

Round-the-Clock Monitoring & Support

Threats don’t wait until you’re on the clock, and you shouldn’t either. Keep your business secure, 24/7.

Stop threats in their tracks with always-on remote monitoring and the support of mobile response teams.

Professional Security Consulting

24/7 Centralized Real-Time Monitoring

What good is an alarm system in Toronto if there’s no one to hear or respond to it?

Our Central Security Monitoring Facility employs state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and qualified professionals to monitor security cameras, alarms, motion sensors, and more.

Gain a current, accurate picture of your business 24/7/365 with our integrated security systems and live dashboards.

security consulting in Edmonton.

Get the Security Services You Need

Your business’s needs are unique, and your security services should cater to what you need.

Get a tailor-made, customized approach to security—from remote monitoring to on-site security. Pay for the security you need, not what you don’t.

Safeguard your business from threats at all hours with integrated security technology and personnel support.

Prepare your business for the future with the help of our customer-service-focused security consulting services in Edmonton.

Protect your business from threats

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