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Security Consulting Toronto

Need Proven Security Consulting Services in Toronto to Guarantee Your Business’s Safety?

Design and deploy an effective, customized security solution with a company that brings 47+ years of experience.

Why choose Logixx for your security consulting services in Toronto?

Protect your business with a fully managed security array with a 2500+ strong team of security professionals and consultants Canada-wide.

Integrate physical and cyber security systems seamlessly for 360° protection.

Keep your business safe 24/7 with real-time security monitoring through our Central Security Monitoring Facility.

Don’t let your security budget balloon out of control–get honest, transparent advice that helps right-size your security setup for the security risks you face.

Leverage unmatched expertise–Logixx is the largest Canadian publicly traded Toronto security company, serving everyone from single location retail stores to global enterprises.

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Leading Security Consultation Services in Toronto

A One-Stop-Approach Addressing All Your Security Challenges

Don’t waste time juggling multiple security firms–have your entire security strategy managed through a single provider: 

  • Comprehensive security audits
  • Emergency planning
  • Systems consulting
  • Loss prevention 
  • Insurance
  • IT Integration
  • Virtual Guard
  • Access control monitoring
  • Cargo screening 
  • And more

Let us manage the master planning of your security so you can focus on what’s important – growing your business.

Using Leading Technology Solutions to Completely Protect Your Business

When it comes to risk management, you need a security program that offers both in-person and electronic services to prepare an impenetrable security array. 

Benefit from:

  • CCTV and video surveillance
  • Access control (including advanced biometric systems, radio frequency access control, and more)
  • Virtual guard tours
  • IT integration 
  • And more

Alongside your physical security, we provide network security against cyber security threats with LAN and WAN security solutions.

Trained Professionals Able to Physically Protect Your Assets

When everyone is home away from the office, you don’t want to leave your assets vulnerable to vandalism or theft. 

Benefit from: 

  • Expertly trained security operatives
  • Mobile response and patrols
  • Personnel protection services
  • Security watch services
  • Private investigators
  • Executive protection
  • K9 detection services 
  • And more

We take your organization’s security seriously and ensure that your business is safe from danger with physical protection services.

Never Leave Your Business Unguarded With 24/7 Monitoring

Get peace of mind that your security requirements are being met at all times with 24/7 real-time monitoring.

We have security professionals stationed at multiple locations so you can trust that we are protecting your business at all hours, with support never far away. 

Be Prepared for Anything With Rapid Mobile Response Teams

The moment you need help, our Mobile Response teams will act, providing rapid prevention and response services. 

Your dedicated Mobile Response Unit will survey large areas, providing ironclad protection. 

You’ll benefit from fleets of marked and unmarked patrol vehicles using strategically planned patrol routes that maximize security.

Audit Your Entire Security System, Identifying Gaps and Closing Them

No security plan is complete unless it takes into account your specific business environment and security situation.

We perform a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your facility’s physical security needs, then create and execute a customized security plan. 

Our security operatives have the experience and skills necessary to develop a fully-realized security plan that takes into account your specific needs.

Be Ready for Any Situation

No matter the security situation that arises, you’ll be ready to respond appropriately.

With over 30 years of security planning and consulting expertise, we have created hundreds of emergency plans that can account for any situation your business may face. 

Protect Business Assets and Save Money + Resources

Our number one goal is to protect your business, its assets, and your team. 

Our professional security operatives will adapt to your workplace’s specific business processes and routines, ensuring that they can maximize security and significantly reduce the risk of loss through theft, vandalism, etc. 

Protect Your Business Around the Clock With Expert Professionals

Leverage professional security consulting services and keep your business safe from existing and emerging threats

Physical Security Consultants Delivering Results


In-field security professionals across Canada


Minutes response time via telephone


Monitoring, services, and response

Security Consulting Services Toronto

Total Management of Your Security System

Relieve yourself of your security burden with a full-service physical security consulting firm. 

Logixx is an expert at providing full-spectrum services, which means that every single security concern or threat will be addressed and accounted for. 

Get peace of mind that your business is totally safe – from personnel protection to loss prevention to electronic services.

Protect Your Business at All Hours

It’s no secret that your security concerns don’t rest at night. Quite the contrary: they’re likely to be most active when there’s no one around. 

But with Logixx as your partner, there won’t be a time when your business is unguarded. 

Instead, you’ll have 24/7 monitoring and Mobile Response Teams ready to respond to threats no matter when they occur.

Security Consulting Toronto

Certified and Expertly Trained Operatives

Don’t work with substandard security service providers.

Instead, work with a team you know you can rely on when paired with our experienced security operatives.

They have the abilities and knowledge needed to identify and prevent threats before they can impact your business.

security consulting in Toronto

Build a Personalized Security Package

Your business is unique – so why rely on a paint-by-numbers security solution? 

We’ll build your security plan from the ground up, closing all gaps and vulnerabilities. 

What’s more, a personalized plan is more cost-effective because we’ll be able to tailor the services and solutions to meet your business’s precise needs, ensuring no bloat or waste in your security budget.

Why We Stand Out From Other Security Consulting Firms

Work with Logixx and have all your security issues addressed by a single provider, eliminating your security concerns for good.

Deploy right-sized security with professional security consulting

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