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Security Consulting in Vancouver

Unsure About Your Business’s Security? Our Consultants Have the Right Answers

Not all security systems are the same. Our security consultants can guide you to solutions that won’t leave your business vulnerable.

Why choose Logixx Security for security consulting services?

Identify security vulnerabilities with guidance from security consultants with over 47 years of experience.

Simplify security solutions. We are a one-stop security shop offering on-site, remote, and cyber security services.

Local expertise. We are a locally based team with a deep understanding of Vancouver’s unique security landscape.

Round-the-clock security. We offer 24/7 real-time monitoring from our sophisticated command center.

Industry-tailored security solutions. We’ll help you identify and resolve security issues unique to your industry.

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Security Consulting in Vancouver

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Our Vancouver Security Consulting Services

Identify Vulnerabilities

Before you can address security vulnerabilities, you need to fully understand your business’s risks and security posture.

Our consultants will perform a comprehensive security audit designed to uncover potential vulnerabilities in your security setup. As part of their assessment, they will also evaluate your existing systems.

This information will be carefully analyzed to offer the best solutions for enhancing your security posture.

24/7/365 Surveillance

Enjoy better peace of mind with round-the-clock surveillance from trained professionals who monitor your assets day and night from our central security monitoring facility.

Trust our Vancouver-based consultants to use cutting-edge technology when monitoring your property from our Central Security Monitoring Facility.

Secure Multiple Locations 

Extend security across as many facilities, storefronts or commercial properties as you need without compromising their individual security needs.

We can help assess each site and give you the right advice to make sure no location is left unguarded.

From CCTV camera systems, on-foot patrol members, access management technology, and other elite security tools, we’ve got each of your businesses covered.

Be Prepared for Anything

Even with the most carefully laid plans, emergencies can still happen. If you’re not prepared to handle unexpected security issues and emergencies, you could risk your business being exposed to unnecessary harm.

Don’t let poor planning damage your business. Leverage our professional security consulting services to get a plan that can prevent a threat from developing into a disaster.

In our 47 years of experience, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses across numerous industries create robust and effective emergency plans. We can help you too.

Consultants Who Care 

Our goal is to keep your business, its assets, and your team safe at every turn. With our expert consulting services, we’ll work alongside you and your facility to do just that.

Partner with our security consultants to build a tailored security approach that fits your business’s hours, location, unique security needs, budget and goals.

We help businesses across Canada lower their risk of loss commonly caused by theft, vandalism, and more.

Stop Worrying About Safety. Get Ahead of Threats.

Put your days of worrying about security behind you. Talk to our consultants today.

Why We’re Security Solution Leaders in Vancouver


In-field security professionals across Canada


Minutes response time via telephone


Monitoring, services, and response

One-Stop Security Shop

Managing multiple security solutions through different vendors can leave you vulnerable in ways you may not realize and cost more than you need to pay.

A simple way to bridge those gaps, and ensure maximum protection and ROI from your security investments, is to work with a single vendor who knows all layers of your security needs.

We deliver comprehensive security services that can include:

  • On-site security guards and mobile patrol responses
  • CCTV cameras and surveillance cameras
  • Round the clock remote monitoring
  • Cybersecurity
  • Enterprise level security services
Security Consulting in Vancouver, Logixx Security

24/7 Centralized Real-Time Monitoring

What good is an alarm system in Toronto if there’s no one to hear or respond to it?

Our Central Security Monitoring Facility employs state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and qualified professionals to monitor security cameras, alarms, motion sensors, and more.

Gain a current, accurate picture of your business 24/7/365 with our integrated security systems and live dashboards.

Security Consulting in Vancouver

Security Solutions for All Industries

The type of industry your business is in plays a crucial part in its security needs. You need tailored security solutions developed by people who know the risks and threats unique to your industry.

At Logixx Security, our security consultants have helped facilities in all kinds of industries create effective, industry-tailored security plans.

Examples of industries we provide  security consulting services for are:

  • Construction sites
  • Warehouses
  • Dispensaries
  • Retail stores
  • Industrial sites
  • Commercial properties

Integrated Security Solutions

At Logixx, we believe in a comprehensive approach to security. Our integrated solutions unite various security measures, from CCTV surveillance to access control, ensuring every corner of your business is protected.

We leverage the latest technology to ensure your security is robust and future-proof. Our use of advanced surveillance systems and virtual guard tours provide real-time security, keeping your business safe at all times.

Our Central Security Monitoring Facility is operational 24/7, ensuring continuous protection for your assets. Stay updated with real-time security alerts, ensuring immediate action when necessary.

Security Consulting in Vancouver, Logixx Security

Shield Your Business with a Tailored Security Strategy

Gain greater peace of mind by working with an elite team of nation-wide security experts to devise the right security plan for your specific needs.

Start addressing security concerns with help from our expert consultants.

Be certain your assets are fully protected. Talk to security experts.

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