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Security Industry Solutions

As a leading provider of security solutions and services for many high-profile industries with complex security needs, we understand that each industry has unique challenges and different approaches to measuring ROI. Our comprehensive solutions include CCTV systems, access control, and security systems integration to provide multi-layered protection for your people, assets, and profits.

Our clients span across a wide variety of industries and include organizations with complex security needs. Some of the industries we service include financial institutions, healthcare facilities, transportation/logistics business’, property management companies, and the emerging medical marijuana industry.

With a centralized approach, Logixx Security provides system integration for businesses of every size while specializing in multi-site organizations in Toronto and across Canada. Typical systems include intrusion detection, video surveillance, electronic access control systems and security guards. Understanding the immediate needs of each unique business now and as they grow has been of outmost importance to us for over 30 years.

Due to the variety of industrial companies, tailoring security systems can be quite complex. Logixx provides industrial security systems for facilities to protect them from the growing risk of security threats and vulnerabilities.

As a ULC listed company, Logixx offers secure layered protection for the banking industry. We work closely with our clients to develop integrated solutions that incorporate CCTV systems, highly skilled guards, security systems with credentials for identification purposes and fraud protection. With Logixx, you can streamline costs and enhance operational effectiveness.

Today’s healthcare facilities require a balance between effective security while maintaining the integrity of a medical environment. Logixx can collaborate with your in-house team to create an integrated security system, which can include access control (including pandemic lock-down), CCTV to document key events, and asset management solutions to monitor equipment. We can also provide pediatric anti-abduction/patient wandering systems for heightened patient safety.

Retail businesses of all sizes require comprehensive security systems to deter crime, manage people and assets. Logixx Security provides retail security services to a wide range of retailers with the common goal of keeping your environment, your staff, and your inventory safe.

Security is imperative for government organisations. Government and institutional buildings can be faced with formidable threats therefore requiring expert security solutions that leave no room for error.

Facilities that house extremely sensitive technologies and information like data centers require extensive security solutions to deter external threats and ensure the people and assets are managed and secured internally. These centers need to be protected at all times with amplified layers of security that are tailored to each location and design.

Pharmaceutical companies are complex businesses that require extensive security measures to ensure the safety of their locations, staff, brand, and patients. At Logixx, we understand the unique requirements needed to protect pharmaceutical companies with a multi-layered approach against both internal misappropriation and external threats.

Property Management firms look to Logixx Security for our knowledge of the latest in security technologies and our ability to integrate them into effective, well-managed systems. These solutions may include CCTV, access control, intrusion detection, telephone entry systems, remote monitoring, and guards.

Medical marijuana producers need to adhere to Health Canada’s security requirements which can include comprehensive access control solutions to provide a complete audit trail of individuals and their whereabouts at all times. They must have 24/7 video surveillance inside and outside their property and require advanced security systems to impede threats of intrusion and theft.

When acting on the behalf of their customers, these firms must partner with security firms that understand subrogation concepts.

Logixx Security’s seasoned management team understands the security concerns that can wreak havoc in manufacturing environments. In response, Logixx programs assess and evaluate risk and conduct audits that identify internal and external threats to manufacturing and industrial facilities.

All mining sites have specific requirements that have to be considered in the security design. To ensure that all operations match on-site needs, Logixx Security relies on our experienced security mining professionals to conduct a thorough security audit.

Logixx Security Operatives are licensed and trained with crisis management, use of force, effective communication, as well as CPR and First Aid. They are equipped and ready to handle any situation that arises. Our personnel are committed to protecting everyone on campus while promoting a professional, respectful and safe campus environment.

Security Services

We implement comprehensive security programs for multi-site organizations where each location is treated individually yet operates cohesively with one centralized program and one point of contact. We secure a business’s property, assets and people.

By choosing Logixx Security, you gain more than a security partner; you gain a business partner. Welcome to the future of Enterprise security.