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We understand the security risks of your financial institution.

Financial Institutions

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Financial and Bank Security Systems

We leverage over 30 years’ experience serving top-name financial institutions with state-of-the-art security systems and industry-leading knowhow to serve your business.

Financial institutions are under immense pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Many banks and credit unions are streamlining their operations to improve their performance by becoming more efficient and more customer focused.

By partnering with Logixx Security, clients in the financial and banking sectors can rely on a team of security management professionals experienced in cash management as well as data centre security requirements. They are also knowledgeable about the intelligent systems that are at the core of a world-class security operation. Logixx Security will deliver a full, end-to-end security solution that meets a financial institution’s mandate to protect assets, reduce costs, and deliver a better experience for the customers they serve.

Security for Any Type of Industry

Secure bank security systems will often include multiple components designed to protect the business. Features like CCTV for video surveillance to deter intrusion and theft are vital components of security solutions for banks. Additionally, Logixx Security offers:

Electronic Security Systems

CCTV & Video Surveillance

24hr Dedicated Monitoring

IT Integration

Access Control Systems

Security Guards

Intelligent Video Analytics

Locksmith Services

Employee Screenings

Emergency Planning

At Logixx, we start every engagement with an upfront detailed assessment of security threats, requirements, and policies to implement the right-fit solution unique to each client. We can provide full-service design and implementation along with offsite monitoring by our experienced security personnel. Our robust solutions and expert services ensure that commercial organizations can achieve all of their safety goals for complete protection of people, products and profits.

By choosing Logixx Security, you gain more than a security partner; you gain a business partner. Welcome to the future of Enterprise security.