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Secure your business, people, and assets – as well as your peace of mind – with security systems and services from a trusted nation-wide provider.

Business Security Systems That Protect What Matters Most

Don’t leave your Mississauga business security to chance. Work with Canada’s leading security provider—trusted by 500+ companies across the nation.

Why choose Logixx Security for a commercial security system?

Get security solutions right for your business with a security audit from experts with decades of experience.

Consolidate your physical and electronic security solutions with a provider that handles it all.

Maintain visibility with state-of-the-art CCTV systems. We offer and install high-definition, AI-powered, and advanced security cameras.

Get protection on your terms. Choose from integrated security systems to virtual monitoring.

Be protected 24/7. We are available 24/7 to professionally monitor your business and respond to incidents day or night.

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What Our Clients Say About our Business Security Systems

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Security Systems in Mississauga

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Mississauga Security Systems: Leading Electronic and Protective Solutions

CCTV and Video Surveillance Services

You can’t watch over every inch of your business every minute of the day. However, what you can’t see can hurt you. Canadian business owners lose $1.4 billion each year due to employee theft.

Fortunately, CCTV and video surveillance services can help you monitor your employees and other suspicious activities even when you can’t be there.

Trust Logixx to help you:

  • Select the right CCTV system for your business
  • Monitor your CCTV feed 24/7
  • Handle CCTV solutions across multiple locations
  • Professionally install CCTV equipment for you

Managed Monitoring and Security Services

It takes time and dedication to monitor your business’ security effectively – time that busy business owners just don’t have. At Logixx, we’ve managed security services for hundreds of companies across Canada – and we can help you too.

Trust us to monitor your security round-the-clock with our Virtual Guard services, make regular site visits, manage your access card systems, and more.

Virtual Guard Tours

Virtual guards means you always have eyes on your business or property but without the cost of a full-time security guard.

Our virtual guards are fully-trained security professionals who keep watch on your business from our command center and respond swiftly if suspicious activity is detected.

Access Control Systems

Controlling and monitoring who has access to your business, job site, or other high-traffic location is key to preventing and mitigating security risks.

We provide access control solutions and monitoring services that give you the power to protect your people effectively – and keep unauthorized visitors out.

Security Guards

Physical guard services need to match your business goals, security needs, and financial objectives. At Logixx, our four guard options means you’ll get exactly what you need – every time.

The four guard services we offer in Mississauga are:

  • Regular security guards
  • Concierge and low-profile security guards
  • High-profile security guards
  • Close protection

Mobile Response Patrols

Mobile security guards are equipped and trained to handle all kinds of security situations in different and rapidly changing environments.

Reach out to Logixx’s mobile response patrol team for:

  • Event security
  • Exterior patrols
  • Interior patrols
  • Scheduled patrols
  • Emergency response (supplement for virtual guard services)

Security Audits

If you don’t know what threats your business is at risk for, you can’t guard against them. A security audit executed by top security professionals can give you the insight and information you need to make the right decisions on your security system.

Trust Logixx to investigate, review, and assess your current security posture and help you understand where you need protection most.

Why We’re Trusted by Businesses Across Canada


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Security Systems in Mississauga You Can Depend On

Mississauga Security Systems, Logixx Security

Streamline and Simplify Security with Mississauga’s Security Systems Pros

Instead of juggling multiple vendors who only understand one part of your security network, work with a team of dedicated experts who know each piece of your security system as well as you do.

Our team starts by assessing your needs and building the right security foundations for you to have top-level solutions that see more, do more, and respond faster.

At Logixx, we understand security in Canada in a way no one else does – from surveillance cameras and security system installations to protecting high-profile executives around the globe – we’ve done it all.

Examples of our security services in Mississauga include:

  • Security camera services and installation
  • Round-the-clock remote security monitoring
  • Security guard services
  • Access control solutions
  • Security audits
  • Security consulting services
  • Managed security services
  • Multi-location security solutions

Secure Multiple Locations with One Trusted Provider

Securing multiple locations shouldn’t require you to manage numerous security providers. When you work with Logixx, you can do just that. We are a national company and have offices all across Canada.

Gain Local Expertise

Being a national provider doesn’t mean we’re not directly on the pulse of local security issues. Each regional office has qualified staff that knows the landscape and security risks of their area.

Consolidate Remote Monitoring

Save time and money by consolidating your security surveillance systems into one convenient, central solution. We can monitor video feeds from each of your locations simultaneously right from our 24/7 command center.

best security systems in Mississauga

Protect Your Business with Security Solutions Trusted by Canadians

Work with a team that understands how to keep Canadians safe.

Mississauga Security Systems

Upgrade Security Measures Easily with Guidance from Trained Experts

Take your security to the next level, or refresh your current solutions, with help from experts with decades of security consulting experience.

If your current solutions aren’t ensuring your people, property, and assets are safe and effectively monitored, it’s time to build a solution that does.

Security Audits

Start by understanding what strengths and weaknesses your security measures provide with a comprehensive security audit. Our consultants will work with you to assess and evaluate your current systems and risks.

Build a Security Roadmap

Once you know what needs to be done to better protect your interests, we can help you build solutions that meet those requirements – and your budget.

We will suggest solutions that are tailored specifically to your location, industry, business goals, and other requirements you may have.

Move Forward with Ease

The next step is to implement your new system and ensure it’s working as it should.

We have professional installation teams who will install any equipment you need and help you understand everything you need to know about your new system.

Should you encounter problems, or have questions about your new security measures, we’re always just a quick call away and happy to help.

We operate in most major Canadian cities – if you have businesses in different parts of the country, we can still handle all your security needs!

Work with Security Professionals Who Truly Listen to Your Safety Concerns

At Logixx Security, we pride ourselves on making businesses safer and more comfortable places to be in.

We do this by listening to our clients’ concerns, assessing security risks and issues, and then work closely with them to build the best possible security system within their goals and budget.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses protect their assets with systems that make sense for their objectives and budgets – and we can help you too.

Security Systems in Mississauga

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