Solutions for Those Seeking a Holistic View of Security

Our Expertise

End-to-End Solutions Combining Electronic and Physical Security

In order for a business to run smoothly, the right infrastructure must be in place. Security plays a large role in the efficacy of business operations and is vital with day-to-day operations.

With the rise in technology comes a rise in risk. In these uncertain times, you want to be sure that your business’s security is sound. It is one thing to know that your business assets are always safe, but it is another thing to monitor activities in your business at all times.

We implement comprehensive, multi-site security programs for organizations where each location is treated individually, yet operates cohesively, with one centralized program and one point of contact.

Electronic Services

Tailored security systems give the ability to manage all of your business’s locations remotely from one system with the ability to easily retrieve data to support audits or investigations.

Many organizations need security cameras and monitoring solutions to protect all or part of their physical environment. With a closed-circuit television solution, you gain top-quality video surveillance to keep your products, personnel, and facilities safe.

Every business requires a comprehensive electronic security system to safeguard its property, people and profits. Logixx offers the most advanced security systems that are seamlessly integrated into the daily operations of the precise business and the people running it.

Logixx Security offers the best in card access control technologies, advanced biometric systems, and also radio frequency access control via handheld wireless devices. We specialize in providing solutions for a multi-layered security approach for large-scale, multi-site operations.

We take the time to understand each organization’s operational characteristics and systems to devise appropriate responses to monitoring security issues. We provide oversight of your security management systems, facilities, and data to ensure that your security approaches evolve as your business does.

Logixx provides a specialized certified service to screen cargo, adhering to both the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) standards and Transport Canada Security Air Cargo legislation.

Virtual Guard Tours is one of our monitored and managed services that allows our highly skilled security Operatives to remotely patrol your facility by viewing cameras in a sequence at scheduled intervals or on-demand from our remote state-of-the-art monitoring centre.

As a complete one-stop-shop we also offer locksmith services. Security breaches and interruptions to workflow can directly affect a company’s reputation and hold-up customer service.

If a natural disaster occurs, such as a flood, tornado, or structural collapse, Logixx Security’s personnel can respond promptly on short notice, thereby minimizing further losses by protecting property and preventing unauthorized access. Having a professional response team is essential when safeguarding a property from liability claims stemming from the lack of professional security.

We offer integration of your security systems, including IP security cameras and CCTV with your IT infrastructure. Integration gives you enterprise-wide solutions to span local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) systems to offer a truly global level of protection.

Physical Services

The best enterprise security programs combine electronic systems and physical security. Guards on-site increase the sense of security; they add an extra layer of protection and response.

Our people are multiplied and amplified by technology. There are four different kinds of guards that we offer: Regular Security Guards, Concierge and Low-Profile Security Guards, High Profile Security Guards, and Close Protection.

Logixx Security’s mobile response team is capable of surveying large areas using fleets of marked and unmarked patrol vehicles. Properties that require regular patrols or inspections to deter criminal activity and ensure all is secure should have a program in place where physical guards are surveilling the property and its assets.

Logixx Security offers a full range of discreet, personal, and professional services designed to minimize risk while maximizing protection and mobility. Our elite Close Protection Operatives are prepared to safely escort and transport high-profile individuals and their employees both in Canada and around the World.

Logixx’s Security Operatives are trained to handle any emergency that might occur during specific “watch situations”.

  • Fire Watch
  • Equipment Watch
  • Sub Trade Watch and Time Tracking
  • Materials Watch
  • Residential Watch

In today’s ever-changing environment, a detailed analysis of a facility’s physical security has become a critical component of an organization’s business continuity plan. Logixx’s complement of skilled Security Operatives have an unparalleled combination of experience and expertise to effectively provide such an analysis, focusing on the critical aspects of state-of-the-art security systems that address an organization’s property and vital processes.

Whether installing a new integrated system or repairing and maintaining existing intrusion, access, and HD CCTV technologies, Logixx Security works in compliance with the highest standards in Canada.

Logixx Security’s emergency planning service helps institutions and organizations to mitigate risk and threat levels in difficult situations. With over 30 years in business, we have conducted thousands of threat and risk assessments, as well as Emergency and Pandemic Planning strategies for many clients.

Logixx Security is experienced in handling complex investigations where data, intelligence and evidence need to be gained in order to build a case or solve an impending issue.

Logixx provides plain clothes Security Operatives trained in the specifics of loss prevention. This highly demanding security discipline requires Security Operatives to adapt to a hectic work pace, difficult customers, and untrustworthy employees. Other challenges handled by loss prevention security personnel include uncovering threats to sensitive information, such as proprietary and client data, as well as attempting to avoid unwelcome scrutiny from the media that could affect a client’s brand and image.

Covid-19 has created unprecedented living conditions that have severely impacted Canadians and Canadian business. While the future remains unclear; we do know that locked down business and working from home is a reality and the new norm for preventing the spread at least for the foreseeable future.

Security for Any Type of Industry

Multilocation businesses exist to broaden reach yet operate as one cohesive unit. They require comprehensive end-to-end security plans that are seamlessly integrated, automated and managed from one central hub; we are that central hub. We provide an array of advanced security services that protect the people and assets of a business yet optimize productivity. Our approach combines the most advanced technology with the most qualified personnel.

In order for a business to run smoothly, the right infrastructure must be in place. Security plays a large role in the efficacy of business operations and is vital with day-to-day operations.

By choosing Logixx Security, you gain more than a security partner; you gain a business partner. Welcome to the future of Enterprise security.