Air Cargo Screening

Cargo screening services and recovery protocols.

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Why is It Important?

Logixx provides a specialized cargo screening services program that adheres to Transport Canada’s Air Cargo Security legislation.

Logixx Security Operatives perform cargo screening for all unsecured freight at 15 Canadian airports. Cargo Screeners conduct searches for suspicious items including explosive devices, contraband, and other prohibited substances. Operatives are certified on three diverse types of explosive trace detection equipment, and several kinds of x-ray screening devices.

What We Offer

Logixx Security provides Security Escort Services at every major airport in Canada and across the United States of America. Past escorted items have included: priceless artwork, printed currency, thoroughbred racehorses, computer tablets and jewelry with an estimated value of $2 billion.

A plain clothed or uniformed Operative will escort a shipment or follow a transport vehicle in a mobile unit to visually observe and report any issues within the transportation of the shipment.

A GPS tracking monitor is placed within the shipment for monitoring should the package go missing or divert from scheduled routes.

At the operations centre we will track the GPS unit, relying on real time information on the whereabouts of the shipment to the client as requested.

Established protocol with the client to dispatch specialized recovery team or police to extract the whereabouts or last known whereabouts of stolen or missing shipments.

Security for Any Type of Industry

Multilocation businesses exist to broaden reach yet operate as one cohesive unit. They require comprehensive end-to-end security plans that are seamlessly integrated, automated and managed from one central hub; we are that central hub. We provide an array of advanced security services that protect the people and assets of a business yet optimize productivity. Our approach combines the most advanced technology with the most qualified personnel.

In order for a business to run smoothly, the right infrastructure must be in place. Security plays a large role in the efficacy of business operations and is vital with day-to-day operations.

By choosing Logixx Security, you gain more than a security partner; you gain a business partner. Welcome to the future of Enterprise security.