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CCTV Systems & Video Surveillance

Deploy integrated CCTV and video surveillance systems and services at your business.

Keep 360-Degree Visibility With CCTV Monitoring & Video Surveillance

Access visual intelligence and assess critical situations and locations, safeguarding your business and assets.

Why choose Logixx Security for CCTV monitoring?

Install state-of-the-art CCTV security systems trusted by single location business and large scale multi-site organizations across Canada.

Protect your facilities and team with high-definition security footage.

Keep an eye out 24/7 with round-the-clock monitoring and virtual guard tours.

Collect essential security data with intelligent video analytics that lists places, names, and times.

Identify and respond to threats with the help of an experienced security team equipped with arrest and tactical training.

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Why Businesses Protect Their Assets With Logixx Security’s CCTV Monitoring

Stop Crime & Other Business Threats With CCTV Monitoring

Managed Security Services

Deploy closed circuit camera systems trusted by 500+ businesses Canada-wide, all supported through a single security vendor.

Remote Monitoring

Keep trained eyes on your business and assets with 24/7 remote monitoring and high-definition footage.

Professional Installation

Patch security vulnerabilities with closed circuit cameras and built-in motion detection. Integrate CCTV security with your IT infrastructure.

Multi-Site Security

Support on-site security with CCTV remote monitoring across multiple business locations.

Emergency Response

Resolve security concerns quickly with around-the-clock emergency response.

Security Audits

Identify security vulnerabilities, streamline CCTV systems, and optimize costs with an in-depth security audit.

24/7 Monitoring

Keep your facilities safe at all hours with 24/7 monitoring, all watched from our Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Integrated Security Systems

Integrate closed-circuit television and electronic security with your IT systems.

Virtual Guard Tours

Allow remote security guards to patrol your facilities through your camera system, at set times or other schedules.

Premier Remote CCTV Monitoring & Protective Services


Security personnel in the field across Canada


Real-time monitoring and response

47+ Years

Providing trusted CCTV in Canada

Safeguard Your Company With CCTV Monitoring Services

CCTV Systems & Video Surveillance

Scalable Video Surveillance for Your Business

Focus on running your business, and we’ll keep watch with CCTV monitoring solutions. We’ll respond to threats before they escalate.

Work with a security firm that has over 47 years’ experience deploying CCTV cameras and other high-quality remote monitoring solutions—security guard services for preventing theft and protecting your team.

Logixx Security is a member of the Toronto Construction Association, and is trusted by 500+ businesses across Canada.

Depend on Remote Video Monitoring to Keep Business Moving

Deploy enterprise-grade CCTV from Toronto to Edmonton—no matter where your business is—and maintain 360-degree visibility.

Work with a security firm that takes the time to understand the needs of your business on a granular level—from industry expertise to security audits.

Get cost-effective security equipment that integrates seamlessly with your workflow, including CCTV operator access.

CCTV Monitoring Services

Is Your Business Safe at Night?

Safeguard with Logixx Security’s surveillance systems with 24/7 monitoring.

CCTV Monitoring

Rely on Trained, Vetted Security Personnel

Deter threats and potential problems with on-site security patrols supported by integrated security monitoring systems.

Patrols of mobile response units are manned with experienced security personnel, armed with arrest and tactical training.

Work with a security team that knows best how to respond to business threats, with years of industry experience.

Fix business vulnerabilities with tailored security solutions, including CCTV and round-the-clock remote monitoring.

Deploy the same high-quality, dedicated security across all of your facilities—trusted by 500+ businesses across Canada.

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Safeguard your assets and stop crime before it starts with closed circuit television systems and monitoring

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