Monitored and Managed Services

Oversight of your security management systems, facilities and data to ensure that your security evolves as your business does.

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Why is It Important?

Logixx Security is a valued security partner to many top Canadian organizations. We have the expertise, personnel, and resources to provide expert monitoring and security system maintenance to multisite operations. We take the time to understand each organization’s operational characteristics and systems to devise appropriate responses to monitoring security issues. We provide oversight of your security management systems, facilities, and data to ensure that your approaches to security evolve as your business does. Our security maintenance and management services include security camera surveillance, fire monitoring systems, alarm system monitoring, and physical security information management.

What We Offer

Security Camera Surveillance

Fire Monitoring Systems

Alarm System Monitoring

Physical Systems Information Management

Security Offsite Data Storage

Health Check Monitoring

Security for Any Type of Industry

Multilocation businesses exist to broaden reach yet operate as one cohesive unit. They require comprehensive end-to-end security plans that are seamlessly integrated, automated and managed from one central hub; we are that central hub. We provide an array of advanced security services that protect the people and assets of a business yet optimize productivity. Our approach combines the most advanced technology with the most qualified personnel.

In order for a business to run smoothly, the right infrastructure must be in place. Security plays a large role in the efficacy of business operations and is vital with day-to-day operations.

By choosing Logixx Security, you gain more than a security partner; you gain a business partner. Welcome to the future of Enterprise security.