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6 New Security Camera Technology Trends

As technology continues to advance rapidly, the demand for dynamic CCTV security systems is becoming increasingly prominent across industries. Whether it’s for facility security, traffic management, or in support of the wider Internet of Things trend, CCTV solutions are infiltrating the surveillance market – 98 million network surveillance cameras are expected to be shipped every year. 

As CCTV surveillance continues to be a dominant tool, here are some upcoming trends to expect in the industry. 

More Use of Data to Supplement Video Analytics 

As business security systems become more complex, it’s going to become imperative for organizations to become more adept at leveraging data to identify patterns and trends in their organization. 

Surveillance video data will become increasingly more significant – not only for keeping people and property safe but also to help the business yield better financial returns by tracking patterns and trends. Video analytics applications that can be highly granular and sophisticated will become adopted more and more to help businesses make better decisions.

Maximize the Effectiveness of Your CCTV System

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Surveillance Cameras with Embedded Intelligence

The adoption of cameras with wider panoramas, higher resolutions, and more accurate sensors is expected to accelerate. Camera installations will transition from standalone analog and SD cameras as demand for cameras with more embedded surveillance capabilities – compression, streaming, storage, and analytics — increases. 

It is worth noting that, as the influx of data continues, storage will become strained and a comprehensive, multi-tier storage strategy will be vital. 

Latest CCTV Camera Technology Is Crucial for Healthcare Organizations

As the need for stricter security in hospital and healthcare organizations continues to be a priority in the industry, having comprehensive CCTV security systems will be crucial to keeping the facilities safe and secure. 

Currently, 80 percent of hospitals need to upgrade their access control systems and CCTV solution to meet International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) guidelines. 

As the needs of hospitals and healthcare organizations continue to change and adapt, a modern CCTV security system will be imperative to improve overall facility safety and security while also increasing operational efficiency.

Biometric Applications Will Surge

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Biometric applications are predicted to hit a boom in the coming years. From healthcare organizations increasingly adding facial recognition to their security suite to using fingerprints to help keep track of people and prevent congestion on transportation services, biometric applications are becoming more widely used among many industries. 

More and more, biometric applications are becoming a critical component in preventing major data breaches.

Internet of Things (IoT) Boosts Integration Capabilities

As the trend of Internet of Things – when interconnected everyday devices are able to send and receive data via the internet – continues to become more of a norm, video data with input from smart devices is becoming more robust and secure. 

IoT systems can be integrated with and supported by video to provide information for facility, operational, or business needs. Video analytics like heat mapping and person counting can also help business gather more business intelligence and strengthen security.

The Move Towards Cord-Free Continues

Trends in CCTV Surveillance Systems

Wireless technology has transformed the way we live our day-to-day lives in many ways and its influence on the CCTV system industry is no different. Multi-camera video surveillance systems are now able to be managed entirely via mobile devices. This helps with ease of use of the technology while also reducing overall system and maintenance costs.

Many businesses and organizations can benefit greatly from having a dynamic security and monitoring system in place. At Logixx, our CCTV solutions in Toronto give you top-quality surveillance to keep your products, data,  facilities, and employees safe. Learn more  or contact us to discover how we can help meet your security needs. 

6 New Security Camera Technology Trends