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Video Surveillance Toronto

Spotlight Threats Before They Act with Video Surveillance in Toronto

Deter threats to your business with top-tier security cameras and monitoring support.

Why choose Logixx for video surveillance in Toronto?

Stop threats in their tracks in real-time with 24/7/365 remote monitoring from our Central Security Monitoring Facility.

Seamlessly scale integrated security with your business as you grow or downsize.

Rest easy with professional CCTV installation that keeps your business protected.

Deploy cost-effective camera solutions that support your business needs and budget.

Secure your business with the support of 2,500-plus experienced security professionals across Canada.

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Why Businesses Choose Logixx for Video Surveillance in Toronto

Logixx Security

Video Surveillance in Toronto

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Gain 360-Degree Visibility of Your Facilities with Surveillance Systems in Toronto

End-to-End Support

Entrust your security needs to the premier Toronto security company that serves more than 500 businesses nationwide. Eliminate confusion, unnecessary cost, and potential security vulnerabilities with single-vendor security support.

Support your business with end-to-end security solutions, including:

  • CCTV installation
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Emergency response
  • IT integration
  • Virtual Guard patrols
  • Security audits
  • And many other preventative measures

Clear Camera Visibility Around the Clock

Grainy footage and low-quality cameras compromise even the best security plans. 

High-quality CCTV surveillance provides footage you can use. Avoid unusable footage with security audits and professional security camera installation in Toronto

Reduce risk, log incidents, and protect your employees with high-definition footage. Our security cameras in Toronto are also equipped with night vision, providing high-quality footage around the clock.

Integrate Security Camera Systems Across Multiple Facilities

Combine surveillance cameras in Toronto with your pre-existing security measures, Fortify multiple sites and facilities with support from our Central Security Monitoring Facility. You’ll have visibility across multiple systems, at all times.

Pair access control, alarm systems, and surveillance equipment in Toronto to benefit from a fully integrated security system that safeguards your business.

Join the 500-plus businesses that choose Logixx for surveillance systems in Toronto. Our experience across logistics, retail, and manufacturing industries guarantees security you know you can trust.

Trust Professionals with Toronto CCTV Installation 

Fix security vulnerabilities by having your security team install surveillance equipment in Toronto. Motion detection, paired with wireless cameras, are just one way to keep visibility of your business high.

Work with professionals that seamlessly integrate your CCTV cameras in Toronto with your IT infrastructure. 

De-Escalate Threats with Emergency Response

Looking ahead is the first step in emergency planning. With security camera systems in Toronto, high visibility ensures the appropriate response to a crisis.

Resolve matters quickly with mobile response units and a security team armed with tactical and arrest training. 

Our familiarity with retail, manufacturing, and the logistics industries means we understand the dangers your business is up against.

Safeguard Against Security Vulnerabilities

The security needs of a retail space are different from a warehouse, and that means there is no one-size-fits-all solution in dependable security. 

Learn about your potential vulnerabilities with a comprehensive security audit. Recommended fixes support your business and budget.

Build and deploy a strategy that protects all aspects of your business, including facilities and personnel.

Keep Watch with 24/7 Monitoring Services

Leverage integrated surveillance cameras in Toronto, monitored 24/7 by experienced security personnel. Scale video monitoring with your business as it grows.

Our skilled security personnel coordinate protection with support through our Central Security Monitoring Facility.

Protect Your Business with Integrated Surveillance Cameras in Toronto


Deter criminals with CCTV systems monitored in real-time

The Top Choice for Video Surveillance in Toronto


Knowledgeable security personnel across Canada


Real-time monitoring and response


Years providing top-tier surveillance equipment in Toronto

Toronto Video Surveillance

Scalable, Integrated Toronto CCTV Services

Focus on what matters: Your business. Work with a single-vendor security company that monitors for and responds to threats before they escalate.

Rest easy working with a security company that has 47-plus years’ experience offering tailor-made, multi-site protection.

Logixx Security is a member of the Toronto Construction Association, providing security industry knowledge.

Video Surveillance in Toronto You Can Rely On

Deploy enterprise-grade motion detection and video capture technologies to keep an eye on your business. 

Work with a security firm that understands the security needs of your business on a granular level.

Get competitive pricing on security equipment that supports a top-tier monitoring experience, including video analytics.

Video Surveillance Toronto

24/7 Centralized Real-Time Monitoring

What good is an alarm system in Toronto if there’s no one to hear or respond to it?

Our Central Security Monitoring Facility employs state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and qualified professionals to monitor security cameras, alarms, motion sensors, and more.

Gain a current, accurate picture of your business 24/7/365 with our integrated security systems and live dashboards.

Video Surveillance in Toronto

Top-of-the-Line Security Personnel

Deter threat escalation with routine and off-schedule check-ins at your facilities. 

Plan and deploy patrols composed of mobile response units with experienced personnel. Safeguard your business with dedicated teams equipped with tactical and arrest training.

Benefit from working with a highly trained and tested team that knows best how to respond to security threats.

Keep an eye on your business with high-quality wireless security cameras in Toronto and knowledgeable monitoring services to back it up. 

Fix business vulnerabilities with a security audit and cost-effective CCTV solutions.

We work with single-location businesses to multi-site enterprises, all across Canada.

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